Book Review: Surviving Hitler

July 7, 2014

Surviving Hitler Book Review by Simplistically Sassy


I don’t often find a book that I LOVE reading, and can’t put down.  Honestly, Surviving Hitler has been one of those books.  I love reading a story of real people in historical situations and being able to really capture what was happening, how it happened, and being able to sense what it felt like.  

This book, written by O Hakan Palm, tells his parents story.  His father, Gustav, joined the Nazi Army at a young age, and then was forced to guard a Nazi prison camp, and took the opportunity that came to escape by volunteering for the Waffen-SS to fight on the front lines.  His mother, Anges, grew up as a privileged Roman Catholic, but both her parents were ethnic Jews.  Her and her parents were sent off to a Nazi death camp.  This book tells about how his parents were able to somehow escape the horrible situations they were put in, and how they later met, and married. 

I love how this book is written more in a journal form.  There are sections through out in both Gustav and Anges’ voice and perspective.  You really get a feel for what was happening around them, their feelings, and their emotions.  You see as small acts become miracles that lead to their ability to survive, and how things in all of our lives work together so that we can fulfill a greater purpose when we need to.  

Reading this book has also made me more grateful for those that suffered in many various ways, and those that sought to do good, even if the situation they were in wasn’t always good.  It’s a story of hope, and love, and of finding your way when things are hard.  It’s a great read, and one that will capture you and bring you into it’s pages with ease.

I was given this book by Desert Book Co. to review.  As always, all the opinions of this book are mine.

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