Drive in Movie Birthday Party Ideas

July 31, 2014

Drive in Movie Party Ideas by Simplistically SassyWe had big plans to do a camping party for my son turning 6.  Then two weeks before his birthday he broke his arm.  He broke it good too, lol.  Since he wasn’t going to be able to run around outside and participate in games that would end up being hard for him, we went with something simple, but still so fun.

Spencer LOVES to watch movies or just TV.  So, I figured throwing together some drive in movie birthday party ideas would be a huge hit.  He loved the ideas that we found, and came up with, so we ran with it.  Here are the invitations we handed out.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

First things first, we had to collect boxes so each person could have a car.  I was planning on doing apple boxes at first, but the produce section of my grocery store only ever had enough banana boxes.  Banana boxes have wholes in the bottom.  Since I wasn’t using them to pack, I decided they’d actually work PERFECT for cars.  The awesome thing is, banana boxes are slightly bigger, so I think it was great for the six year olds.  So head to your grocery store in the morning or the later evening, and ask the people that are working in the produce section if they have extra boxes.  They’re usually more than happy to hand them out.  :)Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Once you’ve got your boxes, you just glue some paper plates on the sides, and one inside for a steering wheel.  Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Next I grabbed a marker, and wrote the kids names on the back of the boxes for the license plates.  It was super easy, but a fun little touch. 

Next we decided to make our TV room into a parking lot.  We measured the boxes to make sure that we’d give enough space on all sides of the “cars” so the kids could have room to get in and out, and around and between as needed.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

First thing, when everyone got there, we had crayons out, and the kids got to color their boxes while we waited for all the kids to get there.  Once everyone was there, they still had a bit of time so the later kids could color their boxes.  A couple kids were a bit slower, so we just started the movie and they kept on coloring.  No big deal at all.  It worked out great.

Once everyone was settled we did a little dinner.  We let the kids pick a hotdog or nachos.  I just made a list with two columns.  One side said hot dogs at the top, one side said nachos at the top, and both had everyones names on them.  Then, I just circled their name under their preference.  It worked really easy, and I didn’t have to write their names, it was quick circle so there was less waiting.  They started the movie while we got everything warmed up and ready to eat.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

We made a little concessions stand with popcorn, mini candy bars, and other little random candies.  Each of the kids also got a glow necklace. About half way through the movie we paused it and everyone was able to come to the concession stand and pick some treats.  It was great for them to have a little bit of a break I think too.  Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy   

Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Once the movie was over the kids went outside and ran around a bit while they ate cupcakes, got some wiggles out while we waited for their parents to come pick them up.  It was a perfect way to end the party.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy


Overall it was a huge success and everyone had a great time!  We loved this party!

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