Valentine’s Day Garland

January 12, 2012
Yeah … I crochet, but I can craft sometimes too.  🙂  
I found this project this morning, and I just got the sewing bug and had to throw it together!
I started it last year … but baby #5 was born January 18th, so I’m pretty sure that’s why it never got finished. 
SO!  Here is a SUPER easy, SUPER cute craft you could throw together in 30 minutes (ish).
I got this idea from my friend Care over at Obsessively Stitching.
Her site is awesome!  Go have a browse, you won’t be disappointed!
So let’s me a Valentine’s Day Garland!
Grab some pink, red, and white felt. 
You could even just buy those sheets from the crafts store.
Make a small heart pattern (whatever size you want really).
Cut out the heart in all the different colors.
I had 12 of each color.  I didn’t make any more, but I probably could have.
Then, just decide what order you’re going to do them in, and sew them right down the middles.
Just make sure to line up the bottom tip, with the dip part at the top of the next one. 
Then hang it! 
It’s be an adorable garland to go up the stairs too.
I just didn’t have enough.  
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