Yarn Wreath Tutorial

January 17, 2012
I feel behind on this trend, lol.
Not that I keep up with them much, but still.
I was in need of a wreath for my door, and decided to try this.
I saw this adorable yarn wreath and had to try it out.
Here is your yarn wreath tutorial.
I already had the yarn, but of course yarn isn’t too much if you don’t have the color you’d like.
I got a straw wreath (it was $2.99) and kept in the wrapper.
I wasn’t sure about this compared to the foam, but actually REALLY liked it.
Make sure to keep the wrapper on though!
So I just started wrapping my yarn.
I just tied a knot to start, then wrapped.
It takes a LONG time.  Like 2-3 hours.
So grab a movie and a late night and wrap your heart out.
I did this during the late afternoon as I was going crazy anticipating my husbands arrival home.
I used a pin to keep my spot when I had I had to stop to help one of the kids.
It worked out well, and kept the yarn from unraveling.
At the end instead of trying to tie a knot, I just hot glued it.
I had the glue out for my flowers, and decided it’d just be easier.  🙂
Then I cut the fabric for my flowers.
I followed this tutorial from Our Best Bites.  
So I cut my fabric 1 inch wide, and it was about 34 inches long.
Sara didn’t use hot glue, she used fabric glue.  
I don’t know where my fabric glue is …
SO!  I used hot glue.  🙂
I dabbed the corner with some glue. 
Folded it over in half, and then out a line of glue.
Enough I could roll it tight about 7-8 times.
Okay, this part totally confused me. 
Once I investigated it a little more I figured it  out.
So, after making a tight roll for the middle, you keep folding your fabric in half.
You roll it around the middle part, 
BUT, you also TWIST the fabric as you roll it around. 
Here is how it’s truning out.
You periodically do a small dot of glue as you roll and twist. 
I found another tutorial (I can’t find the link, but if I do, I’ll make sure to add it),
 that left a couple inches at the end. 
Glue the bottom, and then cover the bottom with that couple inches. 
Then I trimmed the edges up to they didn’t hang over. 
I happened to have these around.
I wanted to be able to use my wreath all year long, and change up the flowers.
You could easily use bobbie pins, or aligator clips as well. 
Hot glued the bottom. Make sure your clip it OEPN!
Stick it to your flower. 
Use it as an adorable hair clip … 
Or clip it onto your wreath, and ta da!  
Changable flowers on your wreath! 
I love how it turned out.  However, I may add more flowers next time.  🙂 


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