Big Sister Shirts

January 25, 2012
This is simple … but I must add it in case someone else needs the idea, lol.
I found out a few months ago that we’d be adding baby #6 to our family.
Baby #5 (picture below) would turn 1 at just the right time to announce it to our friends.
So … I decided it’d be perfect to get a “Big Sister” shirt.
I search Etsy.
ADORABLE stuff there.
HILARIOUS stuff there.
The problem really was that I was too cheap to spend $20 on a shirt for my 1 year old.
I stewed and forgot (remember, I’m pregnant now, I forget ALL. THE. TIME!),
and figured we’d find another way.
My husband and I were out and about alone 
(don’t fret, someone was safe at home with our kids)
and we were by our local Hobby Lobby.
I saw the little isle of T-Shirts they have.
It dawned on me!  
Why in the world had I not thought about this sooner?!?!
Found an adorable $3.00 T-Shirt (just stick a onesie under it and we’re good to go).
Found a cute “Big Sister” iron on for $2.00
PERFECT for Big Sister shirts.
 $5.00 for Big Sister shirt.
Totally in the budget! 
So, here she is happy as can be on her birthday. 🙂 


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