Quick and Easy Growth Chart

February 28, 2012
A few years ago I saw this great idea from Becca at Blue Cricket Design
to make an easy Growth Chart.
I loved it.
I went to my closes IKEA just a little after reading her post.
I found nothing.
I went back and later found what I could tell was something like a pantry door 
that had gone with one of their kitchen cabinets.  
It was smooth on both sides, and not that banged up.
If I remember right, it was like $5.
I bought the vinyl from the same girl Becca had.
I got that, and loved how it turned out.
Life was crazy and we never got around to fixing the board up to make the chart.
We moved in 2010 to our current house, and I was determined we’d do it.
My husband painted the board, and got it all ready.
It looked great.
Know what?  My vinyl was lost!
No where to be found.
It was SO frustrated.
I found out her shop wasn’t open, and e-mailed her.
She later sent me this website to order the growth chart vinyl
I got it all put together just after Christmas.
Then it took about a week to really figure out where to hang it up.
We decided on a perfect wall in the kitchen where we could check it out.
Here it is!
Not a great picture.  Lighting is weird this morning outside.
I love how it turned out.
Alright, so the dashes are all done with a Sharpie marker.
 My small dashes are 3/4 of an inch
My larger dashes are 1 1/2 inches
All my lines are about 1 1/4 inch from the edge of my board 
to accommodate the numbers.
The best thing about this?
Quick, easy, inexpensive, and if you ever move …
you get to bring your growth chart with you!
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