Yarn Rosettes

March 5, 2012
I’ve been searching for something to do for my wreath
for St. Patrick’s Day, and was going to do some 
crochet 4 leaf clovers, but wasn’t feelin’ it.
Then one day I was looking around on Pintrest and I found this tutorial!
I thought it looked great and easy and thought I’d try it.
I took some pictures along the way to help with a few times.
It’s easy, and no crocheting involved, so you don’t have to know how.  
Just grab any color yarn and a glue gun and you’ll be set.
I’m using green yarn since I’m doing my St. Patrick’s Day wreath.
You could make these into hair clips or whatever, so be creative with your colors.  🙂
Yarn Rosettes
Alright there are 2 versions.  We will start with the braided version.
I cut 9 strands of yarn, each measuring about 36 inches.
Tie a knot at the top to secure strands together.
Use someone or something to hold your yarn in place to do a braid.
Don’t do it too tight or it’ll be weird when you make the rosette part.
I tried scotch tape and it didn’t hold well for me, but maybe it’d work better for you.
I also tried my 5 year old daughter an she did alright.
My casserole dish that had lemon bars in it worked the best though.  😉
My finished braid was 24 inches.
I used 6 strands that were 24 inches each.
I tied a knot at the top, secured it under my awesome casserole dish,
and twisted 3 and 3 strands together.
Don’t twist the individual colors …
just twist the two colors together.
I hope that makes sense.
My twist was about 15.5 inches when I was done.
After it’s braided or twisted, and you secured the end with a knot as well,
Dab the knot with some hot glue.
Then you’re just going to kind of twirl the braid around the knot.
I made sure to put the little ends under where I was twirling,
which you can kind of see in this picture.
Keep twirling and occasionally glue as you go.
I really only glued like 4 times or so.  If that.
You can also see, as your twirl don’t line the rows up exactly,
that way it’ll kind of pop up a bit and give it some dimension.
Here is the twisted one at the same point.
The flower ended up being 2 inches.
The bottom view.  The finished rosette was about 2.75 inches.
Cut out a peice of fabric (I used felt) in a circle about the size of your rosette.
Put a generous amount of hot glue on the circle.
Put said circle on the bottom on your rosette and push it down into it.
At this point you’ll also tuck your end into the bottom to make sure that’s glued under the circle.
Also, if you notice you’re circle isn’t the exact same size,
and your last row is not secured well, just tab a bit of hot glue where you need to to keep it in place.
Now, cut out another circle, and get an alligator clip.
(If you remember I didn’t have them for my fabric rosettes, and used different ones.  
Those didn’t hold up too great, but I wanted it done.
I can tell these will work way better.  They are great for hair clips as well.) 
I had a hard time finding Alligator clips. 
I finally did find them at Sally’s Beauty.  
So you may have to search around a bit for them.
Clip your alligator clip to your felt. 
On the BACK side of your clip (and felt) smother it with glue.
Then smoosh it onto your other felt piece. 
TA DA!  Yarn rosette clips. 
Finished on the top.
Notice some are showing the clip a little, so if that’s an issue, make sure to make a bigger rosette. 
My flowers on my wreath.
A distant view.
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  1. Peggy Shadel

    THAT is seriously cute. And I love the casserole dish holder part… Maybe I can do this with the handspun yarn I have that I don’t knit or crochet into anything…

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