Hemming Curtains

March 8, 2012
We’ve lived in our house for almost 2 years.
It’s our first home, we’ve always rented before we moved here.
Because of that, we’d never actually lived somewhere with a front room/living room.
We really wanted this when we bought a house.
We got it.  It’s fun … 
However.  The only thing in our living room is 2 bookcases and 2 chairs.
One chair is from my grandparents, and one is from DH grandparents …
That’s it.
It just hasn’t been our priority financially for furnish our living room (yet).
Said living room has  bay window.
I decided the least we could do was furnish the living room with …
CURTAINS!  Hooray!
Here is what the window was like before.
Yes, the picture is kind of awful.
It was taken on my phone … during the day.  But you get the idea.
We took a family trip to Lowe’s a while ago and got some curtain rods for a great price (like, under $10 for all 3 rods needed).  We looked into getting a bay window curtain rod … whoa!!  Like $60. 
WAY too much for us for rods … so we decided to do this.
My husband put these up.  Basically we just made the curtain rods close together so that we could open and close them and have that look of the bay window curtain rods (basically the look of them all being one rod).
See how the price is $19.99?
They were 50% off the day I went!
I was SO excited.  
Who gets nice looking curtains for $9.99?
Guess what though?  I bought them on a whim (remember, they were 50% off),
and I totally didn’t have any measurements. 
I got home, and they were too long.
Once we did the measuring, they were 13 inches too long ….
So no problem!
I’ll hem them! 
I can kind of sew!
Oh my goodness friends!
The first one I did ended up a bit crooked.
Ummm … moving on.  I wasn’t in the mood to unpick.
How I ended up hemming curtains (kind of):
So in the end … I cut off 7.5 inches.
Then I just took the edge and lined it up with my presser foot and sewed up the edge to have a clean edge to work with.  
Know what?
That edge wasn’t even b/c I’m awesome like that, lol.
So my wonderful husband I spent WAY too long making sure the edge would be even when we did the bigger hem.  We got it all pinned and in place.
I sewed up the top (as you can see below).
I left the sides open.
I ran to WalMart the next day and picked up some curtain weights.
In case you ever need them … so annoying.
They’re by the fabric.  Which I guess could make sense … but whatever. 
Don’t waste your time in the curtain section … they’re not there.  🙂  
Edge open still. 
Slip one of your curtain weights in the side pocket.
I didn’t sew any part of the side until that was in there because I wanted it snug.
I sewed up the right side first b/c I wanted the stitching in the same place as the original stitching.
Then I pushed the weight as far right as I could, and then sewed as close as my presser foot would let me. 
The weight … it’s not big, but does the job well. 
 Remember, pictures during the day, iPhone camera …. 
not awesome, but you get the idea hopefully. 
Curtains hung and closed (blinds open …)
Curtains hung and open.  I LOVE how they look. 
Another view you can see the color a bit better … 
and something random on the left side with one of the kids in there too. 
Taken later that night so you can see how it really looks closed.
Close up of the fabric. 
So even though we still only have 2 chairs, and 2 bookcases in our living room,
it feels SO much more complete and a bit fancier with my $10 curtains.  
I love them!
Oh!  Remember the first one I hemmed that was uneven?
Know what worked out awesome?
My husband accidently hung one of the rods a bit off, so that rod and that curtain were meant to be.
No unpicking.  🙂
What’s a project you took on that turned out awesome, 
but maybe ended up being a bit trickier than expected?
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  1. Four Marrs and One Venus

    Look at you go Mama!! Your curtains look stunning! You did a fantastic job on these!! Simple little things like these projects, is what makes us smile am I right? Check this one off your list- you rocked this!

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