Minnie Mouse Birthday Party on a Budget: Part 2

March 22, 2012

We LOVED throwing our Minnie Mouse party!  Come inside and check out the rest of the party!Best Minnie Mouse Party Ideas by Simplistically Sassy

Are you ready for some more Minnie Mouse fun?!  I hope so.  We’ve got your covered with the rest of the plans for your Minnie Mouse party.  

We like to make it simple, fun, and inexpensive.  So make sure to check out all the ideas we’ve got on this post, along with Minnie Mouse Party Part 1 and our Mini Minnie Mouse Party.

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7 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Birthday Party on a Budget: Part 2

  1. Carmel Britto

    I can not tell you how glad I was when I came across your blog. I am currently planning my daughters 5th birthday she too is having a Minnie mouse theme. I am now out of time to make any more stuff but I really wanted to do the pin the bow on Minnie game I have been hearing about. Luckily I have lots of Minnie mouse heads and bows cut out leftover from over craft projects for the party and I have sticky dots in my craft box and sandwich bags in the cupboard. I am sure I can put this all together in no time. Thank you so much for the post.

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