Rag Flip Flops

March 30, 2012
I know, this idea is totally old.  Lol.
I saw these flip flops and thought it’d be so fun to do any ways though.
We had left over fabric (the black and white) from our Minnie Party (part 1 & part 2),
and I thought it’d be perfect with these pink flip flops.
I just grabbed my scissors, and a ruler, and decided I wanted 
my stripes to be 3/4 inches wide.
I did that for 9 inches. 
My stripes.  I cut them to be about 7 inches long.
I got about 20 – 22 of each color.
40-44 total stripes. 
I just double knotted the stripes of fabric onto the plastic part of the flip flop.
You could do longer if you wanted.
I tried a stripe about 4 inches long, and it was not long enough.
You can play around with it. 
Here it is on her little foot.
(BTW, I know her polish isn’t  great, and I’m actually a master aesthetican by profession,
but sometimes putting polish on is a lot more work than it’s worth, lol) 
Then I trimmed them up the stripes a bit.
They were a bit too ong for her, and a little bit everywhere.
I trimmed maybe an inch or 2 off of them.
Ta Da!  She loved them, and insisted she wear them to preschool.
It’s been a long morning (it’s only 9 AM), and so whatever.
It’s going to be a warmspring day.  🙂 


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    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      Vanessa! I just saw this today. I’m so sorry! My husband has been out of town this entire week, and my youngest (of course) got sick the day after he left! It’s been crazy and we’ve totally been in survival mode, and everything for my blog was put on the back burner. I’ll be up and going with it on Monday though. I hope you’re doing another link party this coming Tuesday. I’ll check it out, and link up on Tuesday! Thanks for your link, I’m excited to check out your blog!

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