Jedi Robe Tutorial

April 20, 2012
Step By Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
With 3 boys, and a husband that all LOVE Star Wars, 
you better believe it gets a lot of talk around here.
Several years ago I found this tutorial.
It is easy and simple, and give great direction.
This is based off of that pattern, but easily adapted for kids.
Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 1:
Measure your Jedi.  
You’ll want to measure wrist to wrist 
(or hand to hand, depending on how long you want the sleeves),
then shoulder to ankle.
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 2:
Figure out how much fabric you need.
For my son we measured about 37×37.  
So I double the length and rounded up to 80 inches.
Fabric is usually about 40 inches wide, 
which was just right, but then I needed 80 inches tall 
(since you’ll need a front and back for the robe,
you’ll need the length x2).
36 inches is a yard so I needed about 2 1/4 yard.
Step 3:
Lay out your Jedi with the fold where their shoulders are.
Make sure it’s folded in half long enough to go to the ankle.
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 4:
Just cut the shape out while they are laying there.
Jedi W here was SO convinced I was going to cut him.  
I didn’t, just for the record.  :)
Make sure to cut where you want the edge of the arms to be. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 5:
You can cut out the neck circle.
It should be about 6 inches wide.
I eyeball it.  Lol.  :)
Next you’ll want to sew up your edges where the arrows are.
(I’ll talk more about the hood in a bit) 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 6:
If you start at the bottom of the robe (on one side of course),
then sew the sleeve closed,
you can just hem the edge of the sleeve right then as well.
I just turned mine over so it was about the same width as the presser foot.
You can do this however you’d like though. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
It it looks like inside out still. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 7:
Fold your robe in half. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Then cut down the middle. 
Make sure to only cut ONE layer though!
This will make the opening of the robe, and you don’t want to cut the back!!
Step by Step Jedi Robe  Tutorial
Ta Da! It’s now more robe looking instead of dress looking. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 8:
Cut your hood.
Depending on the size of your Jedi, you can do different sizes.
The tutorial I linked says to do 12×24.
I did that this time.
However, I’ve also done 10×20, and 11×22.
So … whatever you want will work.
Just make sure that the length is double the width. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 9:
Told the hood in half,
and sew along one of the side edges. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 10:
Alright, so we’re going to sew the hood to the robe.
I think the pictures are tricky to show exactly what is happening.
Here is the hood, and the robe.
I have arrows pointing showing which edges you’ll be sewing together. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
So you’ll take the edges of the hood, and line the right sides together,
and pin each edge.
Then you’ll want to take the middle back of the hood 
(where you sewed the hood closed)
and line that up with the middle part of the neck.
Pin once more there. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Sew that edge together the best you can.
If your next is way bigger than your hood, 
just make small folds/pleats and help it fit better.
Tie for Robe (optional)
I decided I was going to make a tie for this robe.
I haven’t done that in the past, but thought it’d be a nice little extra.
Remember, this is OPTIONAL.
:) It’s just a bonus, but the other 2 robes we’ve had have functioned for 4 years without a tie.
Step 1:
Measure your Jedi’s waist.
Then decide how much longer you want to make the tie. 
You’ll also want to decide how wide you want the tie.
My Jedi was 24 inches at the waist, and I did 36 inches long.
Then I cut it 4 inches wide, so when I folded it in half, it’d be 2 inches.
Step 2:
Fold the tie in half, and sew along the long edge to close.
Then you’ll need to stuff it through itself to it get it right side out.
Tedious work.  I hate that part, lol.
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 3:
Once your tie is the right side out,
You can tuck in the raw ends, and sew them closed.
I sewed all along all 4 edges, just to make it more uniform looking.
So, where you see arrows.  When I got to the other raw edge, I just tucked it in again. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
It looked like this. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
Step 4:
Find the middle back of the robe, and the tie.
Pin in place, and sew.
I used my back stitch and normal stitch, 
and went back and forth about 5 times each. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
All done!!
So … confession time.
I planned to have this post up on Monday, 
then forgot,
then go busy,
then got tired from being pregnant …
So here it is Friday and I finished the robe.
However, Jedi W, was at school when I finished.
So here is the Jedi robe (the one I just made is on the left).
However, instead of being on my almost 7 year old,
it’s pictured on my almost 4 year old.  :)
Improvising … or something like that.
My 2 1/2 year old is wearing the 4 year old’s robe. 
So ya know … it’s all good. 
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
My  (almost) 7 year old in his Jedi Robe.
(He got home from school finally)
Step by Step Jedi Robe Tutorial
A note about fabric used:
There are so many different fabrics you could use.
I believe the link tutorial says to use a linen type fabric.
When I made the original ones several years ago (the darker one picture),
I used a thicker felt like fabric.
I couldn’t find the exact fabric, so I did use felt this time around.
It can be pricey, but if you use a coupon it’s great.
Also … it holds up SO great!
I’ve had my two older robes since my almost 7 year old was 4.
So, they’ve really held up well.
They don’t get overly wrinkled when just thrown into the dress up box, and the kids can play with them good and hard, and they don’t rip.
So just take into account what you’ll be doing with the robe and what fabric will work best for you.  :)
Happy Sewing!!
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51 thoughts on “Jedi Robe Tutorial

  1. Fanchy

    O.M.G!!! I am so copying you! I have 2 younglings of my own and they are eyeballs deep into Star Wars. My oldest refers to the younger as ‘Padawan.’ This would be a HUGE hit at my house. Thank you for the tute.

    Found you from Creatively Living’s blog party.

    Jen @ Noting Grace

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  5. Amanda

    Thanks so much for this easy tutorial. Made the robe while my little Jedi was watching a hockey game with his dad.

  6. Mom of three Jedis

    Thank you so much for your great tutorial!! I looked at a few and yours is really the best! My middle one (4) is a big star wars fan – i want to surprise him with a robe. Guess i’ll have to sew two more for the big (9) and little (15 months) jedi to go with their lightsabers.

  7. Morris

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  9. Vicki

    Ok so I’m a little sewing dumb. I don’t understand the part about sewing the sleeve CLOSED? And do you fold over any of the other edges or just the sleeves to hem them? Seriously, I don’t sew much but I have a machine and make it a goal to put together our Halloween costumes each year.

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      Hey Vicki, way to go on sewing the costumes. So, all it’s talking about there, is sewing the bottom of the sleeve up, like it shows in the pictures above with the arrows (that show where to sew). Does that make sense? If not, let me know and I’ll do a better job explaining. I was just saying you can sew along the edges, and then you can hem the sleeve while you’re right there. I just folded the edge of the sleeve over, because basically you’ll turn it inside out, so you don’t see the parts that you’re sewing. Hemming the sleeve isn’t essential at all though.

  10. Kara

    Thank you for this post! I found the same website you did but being an inexperienced seamstress, your step by step pics helped tremendously!!

  11. Sarah

    Thank you so much! I spent a lot of time on my daughter’s costumes and was spent by the ti e I gotto my son’s. Dad made a cool lightsaber so I was thrilled to find a simple pictorial guide on how to make a quick jedi robe. You are a life saver!!

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    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.
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  13. Valerie Warshaw

    Great tutorial. I just bought a used sewing machine a few days ago. This project was the first project I’ve ever sewn all by myself. :-) Thanks for posting!

  14. Morgana

    HI!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial, gave me a great base to work with for my own costume for the May the Fourth be With You party for homeschoolers!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! Again, thanks Kara!!!

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  16. Caryn

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  18. Michelle Pedersen

    Thank you! My son decided this morning that he wanted to be a Jedi… for our party tonight!! LOL Your tutorial was SO easy & simple to follow! He loves his new robe & I love getting to be his hero. :o) I appreciate your post! Little bro now wants to be Yoda so he can have his own Jedi robe. Tomorrow’s got another item on the to-do list!

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  20. Kelly Heath

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial (even if it was several years ago, lol!)! I am a nominal sewer at best, and I completed this entire project in less than 2 hours. It turned out great and my little guy is SO excited about wearing it for Halloween! He thinks his mommy is amazing for being able to make it… (I’m a little proud of myself, too, thank you very much). Thanks for saving me a bundle on cheap costumes that don’t even look like the real thing. I love this robe!!


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