Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Invitations

May 10, 2012
We have another birthday in just a few days!
My almost 4 year old, Mr. S,
went to spend the week with his Grandparents a while back.
While  there, he watched Winnie The Pooh for the first time …
We don’t have much WTP around these parts,
not that I’m opposed to them at all,
just don’t have much.
Well, Mr. S, fell in LOVE!!
So, naturally when I asked what kind of party he wanted,
Winnie the  Pooh was his choice.
I figured it’d be fun, and different from the other “typical” boy parties we have.
So, are you ready for this??
Here are the plans for the party!!
Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Invitations:
I wanted something cute, 
and that would represent WTP.
Brown Paper (enough for the bigger honey pots.  I fit 4-5 on one 8×10 page0
Yellow paper (enough to fit 2 per guest.  I did about 6 on an 8×10)
Party Information on yellow paper
Poem on yellow paper
Black marker of some sort.
So I took a honey pot shape, and then cropped out the bottom part, and made it slightly smaller.
See?  Want to make your own …
Here ya go. There is a template you can cut and use as a pattern.
So what do you do with it?
Oh … okay.  🙂
Well, I used brown for the bigger pot, and yellow for the smaller one.
*Cut out 1 big pot for each guest.
*Type out the information allergy you’d like about the party, and a little poem.
Here are the ones I did.
Poem says:
There’s a rumble in my tummy, and it’s time for something sweet,
Come and Join us for some yummy things to eat.
We will have a Tiggerific time together,
Playing games, and each lunch in the hundred acre wood,
Please come and join us, and all will be good.
Invitation information says:
You’re invited to S’s {birthday} Picnic in the Hundred Acre Wood
Where: (Last name) Hundred Acre Wood (address)
When: Date
Time: Time
RSVP: I always do regrets only!  It’s great!
You can grab one of these as well.
So!  Once you’ve got that printed out on your yellow paper, you’re ready to go on.
*Cut out 2 smaller pots for each invitation (one of the party info, one for the poem).
I just traced the pattern onto the paper around the words, then cut.
*Next, you’ll take your party info and stick (tape, glue, however) it right onto the bigger pot.
*Then you’ll take a brad, and poke it through the poem, then poke it through the party info/big pot.
*I grabbed a thin black marker, and then traced the top to look like a pot, then added the name.
*Then you’re done.  
I had a picture of the inside, 
but I’m having some … technically difficulties.  🙂
I’ll try to get it posted up soon.


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6 thoughts on “Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Invitations

  1. Heather Graham

    Oh my goodness! These are precious! Would love for you to share with my followers at my linky party (!

    So glad that I found you – I am now following!

    Have a great week!

  2. ILA from

    Hi, I know this is older but I just wanted to tell you that I think these are adorable. I stumbled upon them on Pinterest. I’m brainstorming for my little guy’s first birthday. I think I may adapt this, because it is just so cute!

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      Oh, thanks so much! I’m so glad you found them. They were so fun to put together and the party ended up being a blast! Thanks for stopping by! I hope your party is a blast. First birthdays are so much fun to plan!

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