Winnie the Pooh Party Games

May 15, 2012
Once the invitations are out, it’s time to get going on the Winnie the Pooh party games!!
The first game we were going to play was a bee toss.
I talked to my friend Care, over at Obessively Stitching
to figure out the best way to do it.
How lucky was I that she’d Actually made some stuffed bees before
I wanted mine quite a bit bigger, but it wasn’t too hard to just make it bigger.  🙂
1/4 yard of yellow fleece
1/8 yard black fleece
Scraps of white fleece, fabric of felt.  Whatever you have around.
Black thread
White thread
Sewing machine (although you could do it all by hand).
Poly-Pellets — optional.  This just give the bee a bit of weight.
Alright, lets go!
Step 1:
Cut 3 strips of black fleece about 1×10.
Step 2:
Then you’ll grab your yellow fleece, and my 1/4 yard was about 10 inches wide,
so I just laid my 3 strips down about 1 inch apart.  
Then you can just cut the top one inch above the last black strip.
Sew the black strips onto the yellow.
Step 3:
I just fee hand cut the bee shape.  
Basically like the arrows below, although, in more of a curve. 
Step 4:
I totally kept forgetting to do this … so there isn’t a picture.  🙂
Take some of your white fabric, and make 2 oval shapes.
Over lap them just a bit, and place them where you’d like them to be,
sew them on (you can use white … I may have been to lazy to change thread and used black).
Step 5:
Fold right sides together, and sew along the long edge. 
Step 6:
Put some of the Poly-Pellets in the bottom of the bee.
Stuff the rest with stuffing. 
Step 7: 
Cut a circle.  
I did mine from a 5 inch square.   
Step 8:
This was where Care had to help me out.  I was struggling.
So huge shout out to her for her awesome help, lol.
You’ll have to hand stitch/baste stitch around the entire outer edge of your circle.
It’s pretty easy.  Just grab your thread, and needle.  I double the thread up,
then tie a knot in the bottom of your thread, and just start going up and down. 
Step 9:
Pull it tight as you go, and it’ll start to look like this. 
Step 10:
Stuff that head as full as you can. 
Step 11:
Alright, make sure you’ve got your needle and thread ready to sew the two parts together.
I didn’t do an awesome job at this part (I HATE hand sewing so so much).
Anyways, so you just put the needle in as so.
Pull it through.
Then you’ll put the needle in like so just above where you did it in the yellow fabric.
Pull tight, and they will go together.  🙂 
Then, you’re done!
You’ve got an awesome bee ready to be thrown into the hive.  🙂
You don’t have a random hive you can throw the bees into hanging around?
Oh okay.
Well, let’s make one.
It’ll be fun.  🙂
Hive Supplies:
Big cardboard box
Sharpie Markers
Helpers (if you’re up for that sort of thing.)
We happened to keep a box from when we got our table …
a long time ago.  🙂
We had some boxes from the chairs, and I thought it’d work out great.
Step 1:
Draw an arch.
Mine is obviously lope sided.
Whatever right?
The kids are 4, they’ll love it either way.
Draw some lines that curve slightly. 
Step 2:
If you have some time on your hands, 
feel free to decorate the rest of the box
with bees, sun, clouds, etc. 
Step 3:
Color.  🙂
I let some of my awesome helpers color a bit.
I was a bit picky though, so they only got to do certain things. 
Disclaimer:  I realize that the bee is next to the sun.
My 5 year old decided to point that out to me.  
I KNOW he’d be fried … whatever though.
The 4 year olds didn’t care, even if the 5 year old did.  🙂
Step 4:
Cut hole in the hive.
I do realize that beehives have holes towards the bottom.
However, there was a big ol’ symbol in the middle of my hive,
and we wanted a bit of a challenge …
so I took a bowl, drew around it,
cut the hole out, and there ya go!
We played one other game that was kind of hilarious to watch.  🙂
I went to my local ranch/home/farmer type store, 
I found some potato sacs for $1 each.  I was super excited.  🙂


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