Minute to Win it Birthday Party

June 12, 2012
Wow, I feel like it’s been forever.
I’ve been kind of feeling awful lately.
My pregnancy is just kickin’ my trash right now.
I have 5 weeks until I have the baby, so hopefully things don’t get too much worse, lol.
Anyways!  We had my sons 7th Minute to Win it birthday party.
It was a lot of fun.
It was pretty simple to throw together.
I probably would have gotten more fancy if I’d been feeling better.
I wasn’t … so the party wasn’t, lol.

Invites were based off of these.

I loved them.
However, I don’t have a color printer.
I wasn’t going to pay to have them done in color b/c I just wasn’t, lol.
So I just took some blue card stock, trimmed enough pieces to be 5×6.
Then I took the white and in my word processing program,
I just made my paper be a 4×6, so I could get the size just right.
I trimmed my white paper down to be 4×6 and fed it into my printer like that.
Next I took the part I wanted on the red, and originally put it on the white paper,
then cut it, and made a new page, and just pasted it.
Then I printed it on the red paper.
Then I made red stripes.
They were about 1-1.5 inches wide and I just cut them length wise to be right, lol.
Then I just glued on the red stripe.
Pretty basic, but it did the job.  🙂
Yeah, this is where I slacked off.  Lol.
For the decorations, we just put a sign out front that said
Welcome to our Minute to Win it Party!
That’s it … lol.  
I figured since we were playing games and moving around that the decorations weren’t a big deal.
It’s also a bunch of boys.
They probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much.  🙂
I had every intention of making a banner, 
like I did for the Minnie Mouse party, and the Winnie the Pooh party.
Yeah … it didn’t happen (I blame pregnancy).
I did make a shirt for him though (he’s wearing it in the picture above).  🙂
Go me! 
For the cake I was going to go a cupcake cake.  
I haven’t ever made one, but thought this would be a great time.
He wanted chocolate frosting.
Well, that spoiled my plans.
My awesome SIL was in town and she’s so great with cake decorating,
while I was running around like a crazy person,
she did cute little swirls on the cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
I made some cupcake toppers.
Easy peasy. 
HERE is the link if you’d like your own.
I just made two different size circles,
glued them together.
I had some straws around,
So … I used the straws as the holder.
just cut in half, and taped them on,
and ta da!  Cupcake toppers.  :)I also made a welcome sign.
I never took a picture.
The template is in the link with the cupcake topper circles though.  🙂

We decided to do only 5 games.  
We probably could have done 7-8 games really though.
Since we had people from different neighborhoods and things coming, 
I wanted to mix things up and not have anyone left out.
We did teams of 2.
The birthday boy picked names for each team.
Then I got colored stickers, like labels,
and I wrote all the names of the teams on them.
Then as the boys arrived I had them pick out of a bag the team they’d be on.
I then wrote their name under the team name on the score board.
Teams were made, and new friends too.  🙂
Once that was settled we got started.
Unfortunately it was extremely hot that day.
After 2-3 games outside we had to move the party inside. 
It still worked out alright though.
Games we played:
*We revised the game slightly.
For Suck it up the boys just had to such the skittles from one plate to another.
We had them put the plates apart enough that their foot could fit between them, lol.
For Stack Attack they only had to start 15 cups.
They started with 5 at the bottom.
Defying Gravity I just labeled the balloons so the boys could keep track of which was theirs.
I did 2 balloons per team (one for each team member).
**Face the Cookie didn’t work!  Not one of the boys got a cookie.
They still had fun though.There were prizes for the winners.
I passed these out as they left.  🙂

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    How fun! I have grown friends who will have minute to win it parties. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to be able to do something like this on family night!

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