Santa Claus Wreath

December 3, 2012
Santa Yarn Wreath by Simplistically Sassy
I saw this adorable Santa Claus wreath on Pinterest, and knew I HAD to make a variation of it.  I don’t have tulle hangin’ around my house, and I didn’t want to spend the money or time to go find any, lol.  So, I used the sources that I did have.  Crazy white yarn!
The great thing about this wreath, is it’s SUPER easy, and you can do it without spending a fortune.  If you remember, I did a green yarn wrapped wreath quite a while ago.  I used the same wreath, I just cut all the yarn off (I was too impatient to unwrap it, lol).  So I utilized the wreath I already had.  🙂
Santa Claus Wreath
Materials Needed:
Fuzzy Yarn (although, you could easily use regular yarn)
Fun Fur Yarn (or similar)
Santa hat
Glue Gun/Glue
I started by loosely wrapping the fuzzy yarn I had around my wreath.  I wrapped it about 2/3 of the way around (or tired, I ended up running out).  Next time I’d probably fill it in a bit more than I did.  So you can have some of the wreath showing under, but you probably don’t want too much either.
Next, about half way up, you’ll want to wrap your yarn all the way around the wreath to create the mustache.  I wrapped mine 3 times.  You could easily do more though.
My fuzzy yarn complete.  I did my mustache a little too far up too.  Sigh.  The things you learn right?  Lol.  I’ll give you correct directions though.  Here is my fuzzy yarn all wrapped.
Next I took my Fun Fur yarn and wrapped it all around until I couldn’t see the wreath under at all.  It took a while, but it was good and fluffy for sure.  
My wreath was wider than the hat I had.  I just cut up the back seam until the at fit the area I’d created for it on my wreath.  I also used a hat that was ripping in the back due to big kids wearing a tiny hat … so you may not have to do this step, but if you do, don’t be concerned about cutting the hat up a bit.  The back won’t be seen anyway!
Since I’m not magical, I wasn’t able to hold the hat, glue it, and take pictures all at the same time.  Since I have 6 kids 7 and under, my husband wasn’t magical enough to help take pictures and take care of the 6 kids while I did my craft project.  🙂  So you get the finished picture.
So basically you’ll want to put your ribbon on HERE!  Do it BEFORE the hat is glue on.  Then I just adjusted the hat to where I wanted it to be, and I just started gluing the back side and went around to how I wanted it to look.  I also glued the pom pom part on top where I wanted it to stay put. 🙂
Here is a view of the front side.
The final project!  Yay!  I think it’s super cute.  It makes me smile when I drive to and from home. 
Do you put a wreath on your door?  If you do, what type of wreath?  Homemade, traditional, Christmasy, or seasonal?
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