Getting rid of mildew laundry smell

January 22, 2013

Saturday I started a load of laundry (GASP!).  It was a small feat.  However … I forgot that I’d been so diligent in putting those close in the water with the soap.  I didn’t set my buzzer because the baby was napping and sleeping babies should never have to be woken up by the washer buzzer.

THEN … it was Sunday afternoon when I remembered my laundry.  I promptly decided to not care, and moved on with whatever was happening.  Monday morning came and my laundry kind of reeked 

Anyone else experience this?  What?  You’re all amazing at remembering that you’re wet laundry is in the washer and you never have this issue?  That’s so awesome!  Well, in case you happen to get distracted or forgetful some day like me … here is a little laundry forgetfulness tip …

When you open your washer and it’s been too long and the smell is awful … start the washer all over again.  Do the same settings you’d normally do as if you’re just putting the load in.  Add a bit of soap (maybe half or even a quarter as much as you’d normally do, after all, they are technically clean), and then add Ammonia!  There are directions on the back of Ammonia for cleaning.  Honestly, I have NO idea how much to add.  You could figure out from the back directions for laundry, but I just add some.  Maybe 1/2 a cup … at most.  It will NOT make your clothes smell like Ammonia!!  It just gets rid of that nasty left in the washer smell so you don’t have to have weird smelling clothes.  It’s also great to add a little when you have really stinky towels/dish clothes.

Easy peasey right?  Ammonia is super cheap too.  So it’s great to just stick a bottle in the laundry room so if you have a relapse in memory, you can act like it’s no big deal and move on with your laundry day … as long as you remember you’re having a laundry day.  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Getting rid of mildew laundry smell

  1. Jenny

    You told us this a year or two ago and it has been a lifesaver! We have been through several containers of ammonia since then. Great tip!

  2. Barbara Bakes

    Great tip. I’ll have to buy some ammonia. Luckily I have to walk through my laundry room to get in and out of the house. I try and leave the lid open if there’s nothing in the washing machine. So if the lid is closed, it reminds me that I have laundry in it.

    I had fun checking out the cute pictures of your adorable kids. You’ve got a beautiful family.

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