Mini Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

January 25, 2013

We love Minnie Mouse and have had several parties featuring Minnie.  Make sure to take a look around at some of our other ideas as well.    Part 1 herePart 2 here

Minnie is one of our favorite!  It was a dream come true for this sweet girl when she got to meet her for REAL in DISNEYLAND.  BEST TRIP EVER!  We love that we can celebrate with Minnie even if we aren’t with her all the time.  🙂

Welcome sign:

Literally day of the party people … I got out my Silhouette and printed out some Minnie Mouses. HERE is a printable version for you all.  I just played around with sizes.  The big one in this picture is the biggest I could make it on an 8×10, and then the little ones I fit 9 onto a page.
 Next Step 
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13 thoughts on “Mini Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

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  3. Emily

    Very cool Minnie Mouse ears! Did you ever post the tutorial for those? We are doing a Minnie party for our 3 yr old.

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