Little Moments

February 2, 2013
Me with my 4 youngest kids (older 2 are at school)

There are a few things that I feel I’ve learned in my 7.5 years as a mother.  Well, I’ve learned a lot.  However, I feel like I haven’t always applied many of those things.  I try of course, but I’m not always successful.

One lesson I’ve really worked at over the last while is to find little moments, and treasure them.  The problem that seems to happen when you have kids, is that they just keep getting bigger!  Time just flies by, and if we don’t take a moment to notice the little things, to soak them up, they will be gone, and be a fleating memory.  However, if one of my kids is in need of a little snuggle, it’s so much more important than ANYTHING else I’m doing.  I can take a little moment, sit with them, snuggle with them, and make them feel loved for that moment.  Having 6 kids, it’s so important for me to make sure that each of them knows that I love them individually.  I can’t give them everything they want, but I can give them that.
My 3 year old holding my 6 month old’s hand.  It was so tender when I saw this.

The thing with making moments, is you have to do just that.  MAKE them a moment.  If you’re just reading a story or just sitting next to your kids, or even just talking in the car, it can just be what it is.  I find that when I take a genuine interest in what is going on with that child at that moment, THAT is when it becomes more.  When you set your phone down, walk away from the computer, turn off the TV, and LOOK at them, LISTEN to them, LOVE them … they will know that you are there for them.

A little tired moment
Oh, there will be little moments that will be horrible too.  Sometimes you just have to laugh and take a picture because it’s better then bursting into tears in public.  🙂  This is my 2 year old.  She’s on the floor of Costco.  My baby was in the cart crying.  She was SO tired.  She was crying off and on while we enjoyed a smoothie and curros from the Costco food court thingy (yes, that’s really what it’s called by the way).  H got mad that I took the smoothie away from her so we could leave.  She was so mad she laid on the ground.  I kept walking and kept telling her to come.  She stood back up, walked 20 steps and then sat down, then laid down on the floor and cried.  An older couple at the table right by her laughed with me (thank goodness they were kind … we don’t always run across kind people, lol).  🙂  I couldn’t resist the picture.  It was just one of those little moments … not our best outing, but we made it through, and that was what mattered.
Oh, so so proud of herself!

Oh, isn’t this just a gem of a picture?  E is learning to sit up, and she stayed for a few seconds and she was SO SO proud of herself.  We were on our way out the door, and the other kids were all buckled.  I was so proud of her too.  I made sure she knew.  She’s only 6 months old, but boy does she know when the rest of us are excited for her!  Making that connection in a little moment is key, no matter the age!  🙂

Do you have a favorite “little moment” you’ve captured on camera with your kids or spouse, or friends?
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2 thoughts on “Little Moments

  1. Amy

    Oh, I just love this post! I love finding the little moments (although, I admit, I’m not always the greatest at it). One of my favorites is a pic I have of my oldest two when they were only 3 and 1. They had just started sharing a room, and had within 10 minutes of being alone together, disassembled all the drawers and taken EVERYTHING out of them, including Desitin. They had opened the Desitin and had gotten it ALL OVER. When I opened the door, my first reaction was to freak out–then I realized it was a ‘moment’ to capture. I grabbed the camera. Now, we look back at that picture with the room in craziness and Desitin all over, and we laugh. Good moment 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder to keep looking for those!

  2. Jenny

    I have a picture of my (then) two-year old Ammon COVERED in peanut butter. I have always LOVED that picture. It used to be the picture I had on my credit card. He was always so independent.

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