Valentine’s Day Wreath — Under $10.

February 4, 2013
I really love having a wreath on my door, and wanted to make a cute wreath, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Really, I wanted to spend as little as possible.  I headed to the craft store in search of some wooden hearts.  I found these little gems.  They are 3×2.5 inches.  They did have some other cute hearts that were bigger, but I decided that I wanted these ones.  I bought 20 of them, and they were $0.30, which brought my total to $6.
 I was pretty sure I had Valentine’s Day paint colors at home, so I didn’t buy paint.  I put the price under $10, because the price will vary depending on the heart size, and if you need to buy paint.  However, it can easily be under $10, even with buying some paint.
Alright, first I just divided my hearts into 3 piles of 7, since I was doing white, red, and pink.  I had 2 left, and 2 kids at home (well, 3, but the baby was sleeping).  I gave them a heart, a paint brush and a cup of water and had them “paint” their hearts with water (I hate, hate, hate messes … and I hate painting with kids, it’s super hard for me to let go and let them do it, so this was perfect).
I painted the tops of 7 of one color, then went back and painted the sides.  Then I’d move on to the next color.  It went fairly quickly (considering the potty breaks that I helped with, and other random things that got to happen).  I let them dry on the counter and and a few hours later I was able to get back to working on them.
Once everything was dry I laid them out on the counter to get the shape and size I wanted (I used my old wreath to get the size and shape as close as I could).
I carefully took one of the hearts off like so …
Get a bit of hot glue on it ….
Then squish the top heart onto the bottom one and hold it there for a second.  This actually does get a little complicated as you get more glued together.  Not hard complicated, but awkward complicated. Lol.
Ta Da!  A Valentine’s Day wreath!  Love it.  Simple, cute, quick, and so so easy.  Oh, and it totally didn’t break the bank.  Know what I REALLY wanted to do with it though?  I wanted to add some glitter.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen glitter spray paint, but didn’t find any at the craft store and wasn’t going to take the kids all around town looking.  So that’d add another element that would OH so adorable!
So, what’s hanging on your door this time of year?  
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