Mickey and Minnie Ears

February 7, 2013
I’m excited to share this tutorial with you.  It goes with my Mini Minnie Mouse Party.  I found the idea on Family Fun’s website, and they had an ear template that I used (and you’ll want to use also).  I did the ears slightly different, not the shape, just what I used to make them.  🙂
Mickey and Minnie Ears
Materials Needed:
Hot Glue Gun/Glue
Alright, I cut my felt stripe that would cover my headband about 1/2 inch or so wider than my headband.  I just measured my band and made sure I’d have enough on both sides to cover.
I also made sure to cut it a little long, so I could properly cover the ends.  I just cut a couple slits on the end, and folded it up, and hot glued it down.
I just put a stripe of glue down the middle of the stripe of felt, about 1/2 down, and rolled the headband into it (pressing the headband into the glue as I went).  Then I finished the other half, and did the same thing on the end as I did on the first end.
Next, we put glue on the edge of the headband, and fold over the fabric.  I noticed while doing it that as I pushed on the fabric, it kind of seeped out, which is why I recommend putting the glue on the edge (between the headband and the fabric), instead of on top of the headband.
Once you finish the one side, you’ll repeat the above step for the other side, and it should look something like this picture.
Alright, so to make my cardboard circles, I actually just used one of the kids cups we have.  It happened to be slightly smaller than the ear template.  So I cut those out, and then put a bit of glue on one side, and had it glued to the ear, then placed the ears so I could see where they’d end up being.
Put some glue around the edge of the circle, a bit on the cardboard, and also on the bottom of the headband, so when you fold it up, it sticks to the actual headband.
You’ll do that with both ears, and then you should have Mickey Mouse Ears.
Make a little bow (or big bow, however you’d like it to look) and trim the edges, and hot glue it where you’d like it to be.  Then you have Minnie Mouse Ears.
They turn out oh so cute, and so fun for the kids!
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