What Love Looks Like

February 14, 2013
My wonderful husband and I out on a rare date this past Saturday.  Love him!!

I wanted to share something a little more personal today.  Unsure of how that’d turn out (just due to life with 6 kids and trying to make sure I do everything else that is asked/required of me …) or what exactly I’d be sharing, life has a funny way of helping things get figured out.

I think love evolves along with us.  We change as our circumstances change.  Our experiences can help us become better people.  My husband and I have been married for (almost) 9 years and it’s amazing to think about how our lives have drastically changed (for the good) in those years, and how our love has changed and expanded as we’ve had children to share that love with.

It’s also fun to see the love the kids have for one another.  They’re developing friendships and they are learning to love their friends and truly care for them.  It’s so neat to see that.  Since today in Valentine’s Day I wanted to share what love looks like to me each day!  I hope you all find love in your life today … in the many, many forms that it can appear.  Here is what love looks like in my life.

PS — Most of the blurry pictures were taken by my children, lol.  They’re fun though.

PSS — There is an awesome movie at the end … so I promise the photo bomb that is about to happen, will be worth it.  😉

Oh, and a quick shout out to my awesome friend Jen at Four Marrs & One Venus … she keeps telling me to make my pictures GIANT … so for you Jen … because I LOVE you too, here are my giant pictures of love!!  🙂

#1, no idea what the face is about.  Lol.
It’s hard to have to ride instead of walk, especially when you’re 2 and you LOVE to
run away from your mom.
Found this gem, and had never seen it.  Love that baby girl.
I have about 20 of this same picture …
Another gen!  Oh I really do love that baby girl.  She’s so cute I can hardly handle it.
#4 Dancing!  Love this kid, he’s so silly.
Love looks like protection gear to search out the mouse (mice) dead in my basement and getting rid of what “remains”.  So gross!  True love right there from my husband and my dad.
#2, and #6 … so sweet right?  She’s trying to calm her down.
#2 and #4 being best friends for a few minutes.
Working on class Valentine’s cards.
The view of my cart.
A sweet tiny moment.  She had a blast with this.
Just sitting on the doll couch.  Oh, you didn’t notice.  Let me show you …
Yep, tiny pink couch just for her (or maybe that tiny doll at her feet …)
And for your viewing pleasure … my adorable 2 year old will now sing you a song!
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One thought on “What Love Looks Like

  1. Four Marrs and One Venus

    YES! This is IT! ..Sha-Bang girl..love those huge photos! That is what I am talkin’ about! 🙂 This post is Super super sweet! You have the cutest family every lady! Keep those photos big– isn’t great!! You know it is! 🙂 Oh and high five shreddin’ today girl!

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