Flower Pillow Tutorial updated

February 19, 2013

I had my Tuesday Tip idea, but this long weekend turned into a sick weekend for our family.  It was no good.  Instead today I’m sharing a project that I finally finished, and love how it all turned out!

About a year ago, I posted a flower pillow tutorial on making a pillow cover for my ugly ripping couch pillows.  Amy, from One Artsy Mama commented and suggested putting a big button in the middle of the flower.  I gastrointestinal LOVED the idea.  However, I could never find the right button (then life got crazy when baby #6 came).  I finally found the right button.

So, here it is!  It was obviously a super quick add on.  The button measures about 2.5 – 3 inches.  It is pretty big, but I love it.  It just finishes it off perfect.  Now to make covers for my other two ugly, ripping couch pillows.  🙂

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