Simple ways to help kids earn Money

February 26, 2013

It’s Tuesday Tip day!  I’m excited to share these simple ways to help kids earn money ideas with you. My kids are fairly young.  However, my older 3 really enjoy the thought of earning money.  My kids have responsibilities (aka chores, we just name them something different), and they don’t get to be paid for that.  However, I do feel that it’s important for kids to have the opportunity to earn money in some form.  I think it’s important to teach kids to save a certain amount, and show them there is still some left to spend.  Also teaching that when you save more, you’ll be able to have more later, etc.

Here are a few ways that we’ve let our kids earn some extra money.

1. Doing extra jobs around the house (read: doing jobs that I HATE doing and feel it’s worth it to pay them to do so I don’t have to do them.  Aka: mopping!).

2. “Babysitting” — okay!  Let me explain.  I asked my almost 6 year old to “babysit” her little sister while I went upstairs to blow dry my hair.  I knew the baby would do better if she was being entertained. It was for about 10 minutes.  She only earned about 15 cents, but she was over the moon.

3. Pulling Weeds — I guess this could be extra jobs, but it’s not something we’re super great at, and with lots of garden area, it’s hard work that again, I’m willing to pay for any help they can render.

4.  Make a business — We had a yard sale last summer, and the kids set up a lemonade stand to go along with it.  They LOVED it, and made a few dollars.  I think this also can bring out their creativity.

5. If you’re in a rut and really need help, you could always offer the kids a few cents to go get something, or help with something simple.  Small amounts of change can add up.

How do your kids earn money?  Have they come up with ideas on their own that you’ve decided were awesome and implemented? 

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8 thoughts on “Simple ways to help kids earn Money

  1. Tia

    I agree with you, there should be things required of them to help run the house without compensation and then extras are what they can earn money from. I read in Family Fun last summer about a seven year old who went to neighbors on his street and offered to pull their garbage to and from the street each week for like .50 per week. I live that idea. It’s something I can do myself, but for .50 I’d pay some kid to do it for me!!


    I agree that it’s so important to let kids earn their own money. With this being book fair week at the school, my kids have been doing what they can to earn some (I always agree that I will pay half for one book during book fair, but they have to come up with the other half). For this, my kids have done extra chores (outside of their everyday ones) like cleaning out the garage and organizing our bikes, and they have also sold old books and crafts they have made door to door to the neighbors we know well.

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