Quote to live by

February 28, 2013

Don’t you love when you come across quotes and you know you’ll remember and totally implement into your life?  Or at least that’s what you hope when you read it right?  There are a gazillion awesome quotes on Pinterest, if you’re ever looking for an awesome quote.

My favorite quote to live by, I read years, and years ago.  I thought it was funny, however, it’s 100% true, and   something I need to remember WAY more often.  🙂

Life is unexpected.  Sometimes cereal gets dumped all over the floor, milk spills for the 4th or 5th time in one day (or at one meal), arguments between siblings, resistance from a child to do anything that is asked … simple every day examples (in our house at least, lol), of frustrating things that happen.  However, when we change our perspective, everyone’s perspective can be helped.  A child doesn’t feel so bad about spilling their milk all over the place.  If we take a moment to just calm our frustrations, and find out what’s going on, and really try to see things in good light, laughing will come much easier, and we won’t have a headache (or maybe as bad of a headache) at the end of the day.  🙂
What is one of your favorite quotes?
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One thought on “Quote to live by

  1. SweetPepperRose

    I don’t have one, well, I didn’t, until I read this. I’ve always said it’s better to laugh than cry, so this quote hits the nail right on the head – thanks for posting it 😉

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