What is Mod Podge?

March 5, 2013

A few years ago I remember one of my good friends showing me some adorable crafts she made and she was telling me about how she’d used Mod Podge.  I honestly had no clue what the heck that was.  I mean, I heard of it in passing, but didn’t understand how to use it, or what I’d ever use it FOR.  If I did find a use for it, I wouldn’t have known HOW to use it.
Lucky for me, she was a very close friend, and I could ask my embarrassing craft questions to her.  I eventually bought some (with the help of her) and I love it.  It’s so fun.  I thought maybe (just maybe …) there may be a few people that didn’t have a clue like me.  Even now, I feel like I’m finding out all sorts of awesome uses in my projects to include Mod Podge.

This week as I was reading through the various blogs I follow, I came across this post about Mod Podge.  How random right?  All the sudden when I went to get some more MP this year there were SO many to choose from.  I thought that I’d just missed them before.  Nope, not true!  There are a bunch of new MP’s out this year.  If you follow the link, it’s a perfect guide to various types that are out there now.
Here are some answers to some basic MP questions you may have:

What is Mod Podge?
It’s basically a paste that will Glue, Seal, and Finish.

What can I use it on?
You can honestly use MP on almost any project, or surface.

How do I apply MP to my projects?
For most of my projects I’ve just used a paint brush.  Not one of the huge black ones (although you totally could if you have a large project), just a smaller one that I’d paint a craft with.  It will rinse out easily like paint does.  Just don’t leave it sitting on the brush or it’ll be harder to get out.  After all, it is used for gluing and sealing.  🙂

I have a project coming soon that I am going to be using Mod Podge to seal the final project with.  I’m SO excited to share this.  I’m just figuring out some minor details about how I’ll be finishing it.  🙂

Until then, you can check out this project that I used MP for.  I have a couple “heads” to put some of my hats on to take pictures.  They’re made of Styrofoam  and so to help prolong their use, they can be decorated.  🙂  By wetting some scrapbook paper, and then placing it on the head, then painting over it (and under it even) to glue it and seal it down makes it harden and stick to the head to make it much more durable.

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    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      Rosie, thanks for stopping by! It does seem like people talk about it a lot, and I felt so clueless about it, lol. It really is so versatile and easy to use! Grab some and find a fun project to work on! Thanks for the link to your blog, I’m excited to check it out!

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