What Matters Most

March 8, 2013

I was recently shown this video that went right along with a message I wanted to share. Take a moment to watch it, it has an amazing message, that anyone and everyone can gain something from.

I’ve been thinking lately about taking the time to say “I love you” to my kids.  I feel that it’s so important to take a moment (or two, or three, or five) each day, and tell my kids that I love them.  Sometimes I do this quietly as they sit on my lap.  Sometimes, I do it when they’re driving me nuts and I make sure everyone hears that they’re driving me insane, but I love them.  Sometimes it’s in action.  Making sure that they know you love them in a genuine way, and not just in passing is essential.

I heard the saying a while back, “People are more important than things”.  Oh, that’s so hard to remember sometimes, lol.  I’m always saying, “Just a second, just a moment”.  I’ve been trying to stop making the kids wait.  It’s only going to take a moment to stop reading my Facebook messages to get one of the kids a drink of milk, or the toys down from the closet that they’d like, or helping them do a simple task they haven’t quite managed yet.

It’s in the small and simple things that love is shown.  Taking time and effort to help them, to snuggle up with them, to BE with them, to tell them … that is what matters most.

I have been reminded of several people that have helped me remember what is important.  I want to tell you about each of them for just a moment.

Logan is a sweet little boy with SMA.  You can check out his awesome Facebook Page, Fundraiser Page or his awesome Blog to find out more about SMA.  Logan is just a few days older than my sweet little Emma.  I “met” Logan’s mom through a parenting website, and have been inspired as I’ve read Logan’s story.  The Ruth family is truly living so fully, as much as they can.  Logan is such a happy little boy, whose joy seems to jump through the pictures that are shared.  Here is a picture of Logan and his older brother Lucas.

Logan and Lucas in their hats I got to make them.

The next little boy who I’ve very recently learned about is a little boy named Mitchell.  You can see his Facebook Page, and here is a news article that my local news did on him.  It’s so heart breaking in some ways to read about Mitchell, but inspiring (again) at the same time.  The strength that his family has is amazing. ** In the time that I first started this post, and to actually posting it, Mitchell actually passed away.  I wish his family peace and comfort at this time.  They have written many inspiring messages on their FB page in the last few days.

The next little boy is one that I knew.  I’m deeply touched by him and his courage and his family.  Caleb was our sweet neighbor for a couple years.  He passed away almost a year ago.  He has truly touched my heart. You can read about sweet little Caleb here on his blog.  My friend, and Caleb’s mom still updates it.  On the side you can see a link to start at the beginning of Caleb’s story so you can find out why Caleb is so special.

Caleb as Captain America Halloween 2011

I find it so amazing that when we have hard things happen, the strength that we somehow muster to get through it.  I told the story a while back about our little Jack.  You can go read it here.  He’s our little miracle.  I think back to those times that he was in the hospital, and all that was going on and I’m amazed at how calmly we were able to go about all of it most of the time.

Jack after coming home from the hospital.

How do you spend time telling/showing those you love that you love them?  How have you come to appreciate what you have and who you have?

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