Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Ideas

April 1, 2013
I’ve been so excited to share this post with you all!!  This Lalaloopsy birthday party was so fun to plan (but, I love to plan a party … so why wouldn’t it have been?).  Let’s get started!!
I found these adorable sprinkles (just at Walmart   I’m not sure on the cost, but I’m thinking abour $2.00 – $2.50).  They were perfectly bright colors to go along with the party.  The reason for the picture?  Well, my cute friend, Tia, from Events to Celebrate (haven’t seen her blog?  Go check it out!  She’s got amazing party ideas, tips, for ALL occasions) gave me a tip to choose 3 or 4 colors to base everything off of.  As soon as I heard that my mind turned to the sprinkles.  These 4 colors were my base!  Perfect!
My absolute favorite decoration for the party was the Pom-Pom Streamer/Garland.  You can find my tutorial here.
For the party table garland, I used my Shilloutte to cut out buttons, and then I just cut a green sheet of paper into 6 pieces, and then my birthday girl used the corner rounder.  I used a hold punch to punch 2 holes in the top, and threaded some yarn through it.  Then just taped it onto the (plastic) tablecloth.  It stayed there without any problem.  As a side note, I did tape the sides and back of the table cloth to the table.  So that helped.  
Next up, is my Starburst Party Ball.  I loved this too.  It was fun to figure out, and looked SO adorable.  It is much more colorful than the usual lollipop (Dum Dum) ball that I’ve seen.  You can see my tutorial here.
I had the pot above with the Starburst ball, and then another with party favors (below) and then one extra.  I just threw some tissue paper in it, and then when my daughter brought down her Lalaloospy dolls, she had a little one, and it fit in this little pot with ease!  I LOVED how she looked in there.  
Another doll that we set on the table to add a little bit of personality to things.  
Another cute doll guarding the donuts.
I hung the Button Monogram I created on the door.  You can see the tutorial for that here.  It was a perfect welcome sign, and perfect to hang up in her room when we were done with the party.
After talking with a friend about an idea she shared with me, I decided to go with it.  We made donuts into sundaes — instead of ice cream.  It was perfect for my daughter who doesn’t really love cake.  
I made two recipes these black and white donuts.  You could easily just buy donuts of course.  I have just wanted to try making some, and this was the perfect opportunity.  I broke each of the donuts in half to make for easier eating.
I made the black and white glaze that went with the donuts, and separated them out.  We helped the girls get their glaze, depending on what they wanted.  They got to pick their sprinkle colors (however many colors they wanted) and they each got a few of the yellow and pink candy melts … which kind of look like buttons.
As a party favor, I wanted to give each of the girls button lollipops.  These were crazy easy.  I couldn’t find a button mold at any local craft store, and didn’t have time to order one online.  One of the candy stores by me did have circle lollipop molds, so I grabbed that, and some lollipop bags with little twisty ties (I already had some sticks).  I got various colors of candy melts (at Walmart, about $2.50 a bag).  All you need to do is melt them according to package directions, I spooned a little into the molds, stuck in the stick, let them dry.  Once ALL the circles were done I melted down some white candy melts, I grabbed a lollipop stick, and tabbed it into the white melts, then just did 4 dots.  It went fairly quickly.  I stuck them in the fridge to finish drying and then packed them in pairs to give to the girls.  
Well, I was so busy getting the food and last minute decorations ready that I spaced getting some of the games finalized (oops).  However, I did have a couple things ready, and my awesome sister-in-law helped come up with the perfect last minute game ideas that were a HUGE hit!
As we waited for the girls to arrive, they got to color a picture of one of the Lalaloopsy girls.  Here are the printable pictures I used.  They had a bit of a variety. 
We had the girls guess how many buttons were in the jar.  I had my oldest son put these buttons in the jar and count and let my husband and I know.  I needed help and it was the perfect activity for him to help with. I had some tiny buttons, so there were 120 buttons in this little baby food jar.  If I’d had time and not just grabbed whatever I found, I would have painted the lid.  Such is life, the 6 year old girls didn’t care at all.  We did tell the girls that there were more than 50 buttons, and less than 200, so they had a range.  The closest anyone got was 101.  
Games not pictured: 
Button Button: Such an easy game.  One person holds the button between clasped hands, and walks around the circle putting their clasped hands into the others clasped hands, and drops the button into one persons hands.  Everyone then guesses who has the button.
Hot Pom Pom: My awesome husband made a quick pom pom and we played “hot potato” with a pom pom.  We just played music, and when it stopped whoever had it was out of that game.  The girls loved it.
We made Lalaloopsy necklaces.  I saw this idea, and LOVED it.  It became super tricky to figure out the bottle caps and things though.  If you want to do this idea (with any party), then here are my tips.  The best deal for 1 inch bottle caps WITH a per made hole for threading was here.  There are 100, and that is a TON.  However, I figured I could keep them around for various things, or make some more necklaces, and sell them or whatever.  
For the pictures in the middle, I purchased these pictures.  She has a TON of options.  It was a PDF file, so I just printed mine at my local Costco, and then cut them out with scissors (I couldn’t find a 1 inch punch and didn’t want to spend $13 just to cut these out).  
To put the pictures on the bottle  caps there are loads of options.  I just wanted to use what I had.  I decided on mod podge (don’t know much about that, check here for more detail).  I put some of the backs, to glue it to the bottle cap.  Once I done that with all of them, I did it to the fronts as well to make sure they didn’t peel off or come apart.  It worked great.  Just make sure that the picture fits snugly in the bottle cap or else you’ll have issues with bubbles (I may or may not know that from personal experience).
I just bought a big bag of beads from the craft store, and some thing elastic necklace thread.  I pre-cut them, and determined about how many beads each girl would need.  They traded beads, used more than there were, used less … it all worked out great.
Table layout:
There are the three pots.  I love how they turned out.  So adorable all next together. I had the button game, and the necklace bags right in front of these.
A side view of everything.  
Here is the entire table set out.  It was so fun, and turned out so so cute.  The girls loved it, I loved it.  We all had a blast!

 Do you love planning parties?  Would you rather just show up to someone else’s?

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17 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Betsy Pool

    Such a fun fun table!! I’m sure the girls had a lot of fun. LOVE the pom pom banner and starburst ball!! Thanks so much for linking up at Romance on a dime!!

  2. Carlene Boley

    You’re an awesome host, Kara! You’re ideas are so kid-friendly and I can say that the kids will enjoy your party preparations. I love the dolls that you had on the tables and your decorations. I’d bet that it was a cheerful party! I hope to read more of your party ideas. They’re really great! 🙂

    -^ Carlene Boley ^-

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      Carlene, thanks so much! It really was so so much fun, and everyone seemed to have a great time. This is one of the funnest parties I’ve done. We have 3 more birthday’s coming up in the next few months, so keep an eye out, we’ve got some fun plans!

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  5. Melanie

    This is so cute! Two of my girls are HUGE Lalaloopsy fans. I am exactly the same way with planning parties. I LOVE to plan a party – especially the theme, decos, and food – and then I realize I forgot about entertaining the children for 2 hours… Glad I’m not the only one. 😉
    Melanie recently posted…Family Valentine’s PartyMy Profile

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      Lol, I know, sometimes it’s hard to get everything planned and not forget something. Except that entertaining the kids is a HUGE part. I’m happy to hear someone else has the slip their minds too. We sure Love Lalaloopsy. Such fun dolls. Thanks for stopping by.

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