72 Hour Kits: Part 2

April 11, 2013

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I’m excited to share Part 2 of our 72 Hour Kits for Families Series. Alright, now that we have our food all listed, prepped  and set into menus, there are a few essential items to add to the individual bags, that are not food related!  Obviously (like with any of this) there will be items that you’ll need to change up for your own family and needs.  We tired to think of everything though.  🙂

As a quick side note, make sure to get a good sized, sturdy backpack for these.  We find ours in the camping section.  Prices vary from $15.00 – $60.00.  There are some for every price range.

Non-Perishable Items for Individual Bags
Mess Kit
Utensils (metal or plastic)
Sippy Cup (for small kids)
Bottle (for baby)
Bibs (kids that need them)
Baby spoon (if doing baby food)
Activities for each person (coloring, toys, games, etc)
Small Bible/Religious Book
Hard Candy
Wash Cloth
Hand Sanitizer
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Bar Soap/Case
Chap Stick
Famine Products
Deodorant (for those that need it)
Wipes (for baby)

Old Glasses/Extra Contacts and Solution

Light Sticks
Big black garbage bag
Emergency Blanket
Hand Warmers
Small container of matches (make sure they’re in something water proof) **
Cash (in small bills)***
ID Information Sheet****
*My friend’s family was in an earthquake and her mom grabbed a sharpie and wrote the kids names/phone number/address on their arms so if they got separated they would have them information.  I LOVE this idea for small kids especially that may not know their info.
** Adult bags only
***We gave the kids $20 in small bills ($1 if possible), and $50-$100 for adults (again in small $1 or $5 bills).  We put them in an envelope and SEALED it closed.  Then we can’t take this money for another purpose and it’s just there for saving if we ever need it in an emergency.
****See my print out. These are folded up and put with the money. Then if the kids don’t know something, they can grab this, or if they find another adult, they can know a variety of ways to contact people.  Or if we don’t have important documents, we still have everyone’s vital information.


ID Information Sheet free printable available Here!  

How I packed them:

I grabbed a couple (literally) of  gallon sized bags for these as well.  I put all the Toiletry type stuff in one bag, and then all the “survival” type items in another bag.  Neither were really filled, and you could probably get away with one.  However, if something in the toiletry bag spilled/leaked I’d rather not have it all over the stuff from the other bag 

 Affording It All:

Let’s talk about Money.  I felt like this part of the 72 hour kit was where it really got pricey.  My best advice (besides price checking, knowing how much it’ll be, then saving or finding a way to buy it) is to look at a local dollar store for many items.  However, sometimes Walmart, and Target (and many other stores I’m sure) have Travel Sized items for fairly cheap.

Toiletry Bags:

That’s what you’re looking for here.  TRAVEL SIZE ITEMS (at least for the toiletry bag).  So some of these things are around $1.00, some are cheaper, some a bit more expensive.  With the wash clothes, I found a package at Walmart for super cheap, that had several.  Even the First Aide Kits I had listed were small travel sized ones that were not expensive.

I also mentioned Old Glasses or Contacts.  You could obviously get 2 pairs and stash one.  I just figured that my previous glasses would be better than nothing if something happened to the contacts/glasses that I was using at the moment.

Survival Bags:

The “Survival” bag is where things got a bit tricky.  I didn’t find everything at either Walmart of Target.  This kind of stuff is in the camping section of the store.  It costs about $1.00-$3.00 per item, depending on what it is.  I was able to find some of the in packs with 3 or so, which for our family was helpful.  We found the masks in the painting section, if you don’t find any in the camping section of the store.  These are things you’ll for sure want to know how much they are, and plan for that.

The Low Down:

I feel like this is where it can be kind of overwhelming.  That’s a big list.  The great thing is, you only need 1 of every item listed.  The other thing we decided was to just get 8.  Even though our baby won’t need some of these things right away — someone else in the family might, right now.  However, we’re not planning to use them any time soon.  I figure, if we just stock hers while we stock everyone else’s, then she doesn’t go without when she’s older and I’ve forgotten to double check it all.

Money Envelopes:

On the money envelopes for each person, I’d probably put somewhere how much is in them, so you remember.  I think it’s best to seal it so the money isn’t tempting to use at some point when you think you need it.  Seal it, leave it, and let it be there for when you may need it more than you realize.  Who knows what kind of disaster may cause you to need money — or it could be totally useless.  Better to be prepared though.

Here is what we have in the individual 72 hour kits.  I believe I mentioned in Part 1, that we put 6 waters in each adult pack, and 3 in the kids packs.

This, is my keepin’ it real picture.  It was a mess to put the kits together.  The kitchen is obviously not picked up at all.  The cardboard boxes were all over, but put into a pile before I snapped a picture.  My daughter is there trying to make something with it all before I threw it in the recycling box.  Lol.  🙂  It’s a process, but one everyone can be involved it, and one that could literally save your life and your families!

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7 thoughts on “72 Hour Kits: Part 2

  1. Lisa Newlin

    My husband makes fun of me, but I put most everything in ziploc bags like this and label them.

    We just did our taxes last night, and when we were done, where did the receipts and printed tax info go? A Ziploc bag with a label!

    I’m visiting from the Blue Skies Blog hop. 🙂

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      I love it Lisa! They are so so handy for so many things! It’s so easy to just stuff everything in, zip, and know that it’s safe there! Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to check your blog out too!

  2. spaghettitowers

    This is a great idea. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do things like this, but I like that you’ve broken every thing down into steps and lists. So helpful! I will add this to my to-do list!


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