72 hour Kits: Part 4

April 17, 2013

Don’t miss Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!!

Part 4 of our 72 hour kits for families is non-perishable items for a family bag. We have a giant duffle bag full of these random items.  They are great to have, but they aren’t necessarily something that you need in every person’s bag.  It’s also perfect for storing any extra non-perishable items that you have in your individual packs.

Alright, here is your list of items.  Please note that anything “extra” I just happened to have an extra of some of the things and stashed them in there.  However, I recommend having a few extras of certain things (tissues, sanitizer, etc.)

Family Bag

We used an extra large duffle bag
Extra non-perishable products (tissues, toothpaste, razors, soap, light stick, toothbrush, etc)
Extra Sanitizer
Toilet Paper
Large 1st aide kit
Sewing kit
Safety Pins
Flashlight (we have a crank one w/ a built in radio)
Whistle (you could get some for each pack if you’d rather)
9 hour candles
100 hour+ candle
Duct Tape
Propane stove
Travel Can Opener
Water bottles
Water purifying drops/tablets
Paper products (plates/bowls, etc)
Wet Wipes
Size FIVE diapers**
Wrap/Sling/Carrier for baby/toddler

(If you’re having to grab and run or something similar, you’ll want something to carry a baby or small child in.  You’ll probably be carrying their backpack as well, so if one adult can take the baby, and the other the baby’s bag, then it won’t be such a burden and you’re hands will be free to help other kids, or whatever else may be needed.)

*You could pack these in the individual bags if you have room.  We put ours in gallon sized bags, and will switch them out when we rotate the food items if necessary.  We also use clothes that they never wear.  Such as a t-shirt they got from a random place, or whatever.  Make sure to pack comfy shirt/pants/socks/underwear/jacket).

**Get a LARGE size.  There are a few reasons.  If there is an emergency, and it’s a scary situation, even some of your potty trained kids, might have problems.  No matter the size of a baby wearing diapers, you could make a size 5 fit.  Then you don’t have to keep changing sizes out of your bags.  Diapers are also great for a lot of random uses, and could be used and kept in a bag even if you don’t have any young children.

Our giant family bag
Here are a few questions that you may have.  If I don’t answer something, feel free to ask in the comments, or contact me, and I’d be more than happy to help.  🙂
Where do I store the bags?
Well, we’ve had them in our garage, and our unfinished basement.  Both times we had a little mouse get in and eat into them (well, it happened 3 times … but that’s beside the point).  We have fixed the mouse problem, but I’m not convinced they won’t come back.  We are looking into getting a heavy duty rolling type garbage can or a metal garbage can to store them in.  We’ll be keeping them in the garage.  We just don’t have space in any closet or bedroom for them (with 8 full backpacks and a large bag, they’d need their own  closet).
How much are these items going to be and where can you get them?
Make sure to price check these items too.  You should be able to find most of it in the camping section with the items from Part 2.  Walmart/Target type of store should have most of these.  If they don’t you could always check a camping/outdoor type store.
As a side note, make sure to rotate everyone’s clothes every 6 months when you rotate your perishable items from Part 1.  Kids grow quickly, and if you really needed some clothes, it’d be sad if someone got left out because the clothes were super small.

Thanks so much for checkin’ out my 72 Hour Kit Mini Series!  I’ve loved doing it!!  I hope it’s been crazy helpful and that you’ve really enjoyed it!

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7 thoughts on “72 hour Kits: Part 4

  1. Tia

    This has been so awesome! I needed the reminder to go through ours and switch out clothes and food – so thanks!!

  2. michelle lea designs

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. We are moving back to Oklahoma and I’m always in the storm shelter in some pj’s at 1am thinking… I will end up on CNN looking like this and really should have some better clothes down in the shelter.

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy

      I’m so glad you found it. I hope you’re able to get them together. Like I mentioned, it can be a bit pricey at the beginning, but once you’ve got the non-perishable items, it’s just the price of replacing food. It’s a great thing to have around, especially when you live somewhere that has a lot of natural disasters.

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