Bead Monograms and Words

April 25, 2013
I am in the (long) process of making our master bedroom, a place that I love and isn’t piled with my kids stuff everywhere, and where everything has it’s place.  It’ll be a process, but I’m excited.  I came up with this idea, and have loved it.  It was tricky to figure out, but turned out awesome!  I’m SO excited to share it with you.
Okay, to start out your bead monogram, here is what you’ll need:
*Quick Dry craft glue (this was like $3)
*2 packages of tiny beads
*Canvas (whatever size you want)
*Mod Podge
 First, you’ll start by using your alcoholism pencil and drawing on your letter or word.  You could also print off a letter from your computer, and trace it on there.
Here is a close up of my L.  I tried to not do it too dark, but obviously wanted to see it.  I also wanted to be able to erase if I made any mistakes.
Next, I used my craft glue and outlined my letter.  I started by just doing my L, and then my o, then I did the v and e at the same time.  Depending on the length of your word you’ll want to be careful not to do too much at the same time so you can tend to any mishaps that may happen.
I put my canvas in a pan (as best I could) and just poured the beads on the canvas.  I left them there for a couple minutes.

Then I dumped the beads into the pan (so they wouldn’t all go everywhere, although a few did still).  Then check out your letter.  Try to fix any mishaps that may have happened.  If you have a super lumpy spot, you can use tweezers to move things around, or your pencil eraser to just push things around a little.

Just continue to do that.  Between letters I poured my beads back into the bowl I was using. Then poured them out again.
Make sure to grab loose beads, and be careful not to push the other glued beads too much since it’s all not dry yet.
I let that dry over night.  I wanted to make sure it was nice and dry before starting the next step.
Alright, the reason I wanted to use Mod Podge, was because I didn’t want all the beads to randomly start dropping over a week or so of having put this all together.  I wanted to ensure that those beads were STUCK!  🙂
What you’ll do is grab your paint brush (small-ish one), and your Mod Podge, and just brush it over the entire thing.  Make sure to do it on all sides.  Remember it’ll dry clear, so no big deal that you can see it when you’re putting it on.
Here is my sign all Mod Podged.  I again waited a full day (the full 24 hours) for this to dry.  I wanted to ensure that it was dry all the way through before hanging it up.
Here is a close up of part of my L all dry and ready to hang.
Here is the whole thing dried and ready to hang!
I found some ribbon I liked and stapled some on each side.
Try to get both sides even when you do this (I probably was doing it too quickly and didn’t do the best job with that …).
All hung and lovely above our bed.  🙂  Love it … it’ll be perfect with the room when we’re finished (someday).  🙂
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