Lego Birthday Party

May 17, 2013
Lego City Birthday Party
I’m so excited to share the Lego Birthday Party we recently had at our house (that consumed my life for several days, lol).  It’s been a blast.  I didn’t do anything super complicated, but it was fun, and super cute.
Here are the details!  Enjoy!

Lego Monogram:
While search Pintrest, it seems like everyone does the child’s age that they’re turning.  Like with my Button Monogram, I decided I wanted the Lego Monogram to be my son’s first initial instead.  My plan with this is to actually drill a hole in the top, and then glue the Lego’s on to the board, and hang it in his room.  That’s another tutorial for another day.
Grab a 10 x 10 Lego board.  We got ours from Amazon, here.
Lego Monogram
Next, we just searched through our Legos for colors and sizes we wanted and went ahead and put the letter on there.  Since we hadn’t drilled the whole yet we just used Command Strips on our door hanger.  It worked great (and still is because I haven’t taken it down yet, lol).  Easy, and adorable.
Lego Monogram
Lego Banner:
Next, I wanted to do a banner.  I wanted to try to do the bricks and the Lego head alternating, or I thought about putting a Lego head in the center of the banner and maybe even putting my sons name on it.  Sigh.  That didn’t happen.  So I did the bricks, and it was cuter than I expected.
You’ll need:
Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow card stock (I used 8.5×11 and 12×12)
Glue Dots
What you’ll do:
*Cut the 8.5×11 in half (so you have two sheets that are 8.5×5.5), and cut the 12×12 in quarters.
I cut two sheets of each color, and I 12×12 sheet.
*Trace something that is smaller circle (I used the bottom of one of my kids cups).  I got 12 circles on one 8.5×11 sheet.  I was able to fit 4 dots on each quarter of the left over 12×12.
Lego Brick Banner
*Next use some glue dots (or puffy sticker things, lol) and stick the dots onto the brick you cut in the above step.
Lego Brick Banner
Punch 2 holes in the top of each brick, string some ribbon through, and wha-la!  You have a banner that was quick, easy and adorable.
Legos in a Jar:
I saw this idea, where else but Pintrest.  I thought it was adorable, affordable, and so easy.  I usually don’t get balloons because I’m weird and OCD about them popping and my kids swallowing the popped balloon part (my little little kids) and then have tragic things happen … anyways.  So, I bought some balloons, and used pint jars that I already had, and filled them with Duplo Lego bricks, and then tied the balloons to the jar.  Cute table decor, and simple balloon weight.
Jars and Legos as balloon weights
Lego Sets:
Our birthday boy got a lot of Lego City (his favorite) sets, and we decided it’d be perfect to set them up as table decor to show them off a bit, and to fill in the holes.  It was so easy and so perfect.
Lego Kits as Decor
I also used regular Lego bricks all broken apart for decor on the tables as well.
Lego Kits as Decor
I like to find fun, yet simple cake ideas.  I love decorating elaborate cakes (and think I’m amazing with them, but they don’t turn out anything like my head thinks they will).  I’ve learned that if I simplify, it’s much better and easier and we’re all happy.
I let my birthday boy pick his cake and frosting flavors.  He picked vanilla for both … so that’s what he got.  Lol.  To add a little color I used Lego Molds and Candy Melts.  I just melted down the chocolate, and spooned it into the molds, and then put them in the fridge.  They harden quickly.  I just frosted the cupcakes, then put a lego onto, and they were done.  Easy, but fun.
Lego Cupcakes
I had some left over chocolates, so I used them as decor on the tables an the cupcake plates.
Lego Cupcakes
Party games are party games, and I feel like there are just variations of the same games over and over, lol.  We tried to mix it up a bit, and the kids had fun.  Here are our Lego versions.
Guess the Lego Bricks:
I found a big-ish jar, and had my daughter fill it with Lego Duplos.  I figured with 4 and 5 year olds having a larger  Lego would be better for their guessing skills.  Although the guesses still ranged from 15-100.  πŸ™‚  Gotta  love it.
Guess How Many Lego Bricks
Lego Bingo:

I found a great site with a fun Lego Bingo Board, and it had a whole bunch of different boards, so everyone doesn’t have the exact same board.  Here is the link you can check it out.

Pass the Brick:
I found this idea from the same site as the Bingo Board.  It was really fun.  I wrapped up a Hersey bar with green wrapping paper, then used a Sharpie to draw some circles to make it look more Lego like.  πŸ™‚
Everyone sits in the circle, and you turn on music, and pass the brick.  Turn the music off, and the person holding the brick is off.  We had small tootsie rolls for those that got out.  In the end the person left not holding the brick wins.

Find the Lego Man:

I found a great little Lego Kirigami (which is a  fancy word for those cut out people that are like holding hands), which I found here.  The only problem I had was that I didn’t use the right size paper, so I just got 4 little Lego guys.  Instead of redoing them all, I just decided to let the boys find the little Lego men.  I numbered them 1-8, and hid them (not in super hard spots, but enough so they’d have to kind of look).  We did this game twice.  The boys seemed to have a lot of fun with it.

Lego Birthday Party Games
Balloon Fire Fighters:
Since we love Lego City, and the Lego Firefighter sets, we  decided it’d be super fun to play a little firefighter game.  We drew a “fire” with chalk on our driveway.  We gave each child 3 water balloons and we counted and had all of them throw their balloons to get the fire out all at the same time.  They loved it.
Water Balloon Fire Fighter Game
Water Balloon Fire Fighter Game
Party Favors:
Baby Food Jars made into Lego Heads
Baby Food Jars made into Lego Heads
Lego Bulk Candy as Party Favors
Lego Head Party Favors
This party was so so fun!  It was also so easy to pull together and I think it turned out great.  Do your kids like to build with Legos?
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  1. Christina Andersen

    Wow Kara, you are awesome, I love this!…I was never attracted to boy parties, but I think you’ve just inspired me to start a boy pinterest board since it will be coming in my near future.

    1. Shelley

      Hey Kara! Thanks so much for visiting me today! It was fun for our parties to be featured together!! I pinned yours to my LEGO party board!

      I answered your questions over there on my blog and here is what I wrote!

      “Thank you so much Kara! The containers I found at Walmart in the aisle with the Ziploc bags and Solo cups. They are the Diamond brand mini cups. You get 50 (2 oz) cups and lids for just under $3. The labels are from a quick printable I made. I printed them on card stock and punched them out with my 2-inch craft punch. Sticker paper would also work great and if you have the water resistant kind that is even better! My daughter also wants a science party! Hers will not be until January though! I love how they know what they want way before the big day! ;)”

      Thank you again so much Kara!

  2. Amy Latta

    Looks like a lot of fun! LC LOVED his Lego party last year and it was such a neat theme to plan for…way better than princesses! Lol.

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