School File Boxes

May 28, 2013
School File Box
School file boxes became essential at our house this year.  Papers seem to come flying at me when my kids come home from school.  I have 2 in elementary school, and they both get all the same flyers, and announcements.

 Then they each have all their hand writing work, math work, other random activities they’ve drawn, colored, or written about.  It has been incredibly over whelming.  I use my Organizing Station all the time (found here).  It got so cluttered with stuff though.  There were things they’d bring home that I knew I wanted to keep for forever.  However, my station was spilling over with papers some days and we needed a solution.  Especially when those last days of school hit!  Holy cow did we have a big pile on the counter (oh, I wish I had a picture to show you … I probably don’t need to though, you have one too don’t you?)!

I went to Walmart and I found these great plastic file containers.  They came with a lid, which was fantastic.  I bought a big box of hanging files, and we were off.
Having the name nice to visible was a must have.  I used my Silhouette to make some each of their names.  You could easily print them on a piece of paper though, and use packing tape to cover the name tag so it doesn’t get ripped or ruined, and so it sticks to the container.  
School File Box
Next, I labeled and stuck the files in.  I didn’t buy enough folders to do through 12th grade with all 3 of my kids (I will later).  I just did through 3rd garde (since my oldest just finished 2nd grade).
School File Box
I found all previous years of papers that I’d saved, and put them in the proper folders.  When the folder is bulging over with papers, I think we’re good for what we’ve kept.
School File Box
What is your post school year paper solution?  Do you ever feel over whelmed with all the papers your kids are bringing home for you to see?
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