Science Birthday Party Experiments & Goggles

June 6, 2013
Diet Coke and Mentos Science Party
What good is a science birthday party without awesome experiments? Little scientists need goggles while doing those awesome experiments right?  Right!  We’ve got both for you today!

Kids Science Safety Goggles

What you’ll need:
Scissors (I just used regular scissors, nothing special)
Kids Face Mask Goggles (I got mine at the Dollar Store!)

What to do:
Pretty easy here.  Just grab your goggles, and make a snip with your scissors.  I went as close as I could to the colored plastic.  However, I wanted to leave a little plastic so they weren’t hurting the kids.

Kids Science Safety Goggles
The trickiest part was around the nose piece for sure.  It was just cramped in there to put the scissors, but it was do able.  Just cut close, and twist and turn the goggles around as you go.
Kids Science Safety Goggles
In just a few minutes, you’ll go from face mask goggles, to science mask.  🙂
Kids Science Safety Goggles
Super easy, cheap, great for last minute ideas, and it’s a great party favor!
Kids Science Safety Goggles
Fun and Easy Science Experiment Packet
Oh, this was so so fun to throw together!  I’m excited to share it with you.  I gathered several science experiments together and put them in an easy to read (for adults and kids), with questions, fill in the blanks, and the answers to why reactions are happening!  I’ve also sited my sources so you can look up any other questions you may have.
You can download the entire packet for free here.  You can print it off, and put it in a packet, or just print it as a fun reference for things to do this summer.  🙂
The Experiments
Let’s get to the fun part!
Floating Egg (make sure to mix the salt into the water, or the egg won’t float, lol).
Egg in a bottle
Color Symphony
Lego Powered Balloon Cars
We divided the kids into 2 groups (for the whole party, but especially for this one).  Each team built a car (after being shown an example and with some help/encouragement from my husband who was in charge of this one).  We videoed the results, so fun!
While one group did the Balloon cars, the other group was outside with me making slime.  It was great!  Turned out perfect.  I let each group pick the color they wanted.  We did blue and green.
Diet Coke & Mentos
If you haven’t ever seen this, get ready, it’s awesome!  We wanted each person to do their own bottle.  So we got a Diet Coke for everyone (2 liters were the best deal.  We were okay getting smaller bottles … but they were just as much or more than the 2 liter), and we gave each person half a Mentos package (you could do more, we just didn’t).
Our biggest problem was that the moment the Mentos get to the bottom of the bottle the soda shoots up!  The more you can put in, the bigger the show.  So, we wanted the kids to be able to get all 7 of their candies in before it shot off.  My brilliant husband made up these little tubes that were placed on top of the soda bottle, and we could stack the Mentos in it, and pulled a little piece of paper out and the Mentos fell into the soda.
Mentos Holder:
Science Birthday Party
Tube: 3.6 inches x 4.25 inches
Slits in Tube:  A little more than 3/4 cm from bottom, and 3/4 inch in from the sides make a slit on each side that is 3/4 inch long x 1/8 inch tall.
Place holder: 3/4 inches wide x 4.25 inches (this is the part that keeps the Mentos in place, and then you pull it out and they fall into the soda).

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