Summer Reading Activities

June 11, 2013
10 Fun Summer Reading Activities

Our library has a fun little Summer Reading Program.  Along with it, they also give other suggestions to get kids reading, thinking and playing.  I wanted to share some of those ideas, and some additional things I’ve come up on my own.  They’re easy, and fun things to do together!  🙂  No huge planning to go along with these ideas.  You can just get and go.

Ten Fun Summer Reading Activities for Kids of All ages

1.  Have a family story time.  This may seem juvenile – however, I think this can totally be applied to even tween/teen age kids.  Find a chapter book that is age appropriate for your kids and set a time each day, or every couple days to sit together and you can read to them.  My daughter’s kindergarten teacher read one of The Boxcar Children to them, and she loved them.  Find a favorite from your childhood that you loved and share it with your kids.

2.  Read a book that has been made into a movie, then watch the movie.  Read through the book, and then once you’re finished, check out the movie from the library (if it’s one you don’t have) and watch it as a family.  This could obviously go along with the first one, however, you could find a shorter story book to do this with as well.  Or if you’re looking to do a shorter book like one of the Disney movies.  Or a longer book could be something like Charlotte’s Web.

3.  Make stick puppets, or sock puppets and make up your own story.  You could also perform one of your favorite stories.

4.  Memorize a Nursery Rhyme together.  There are some that are songs that are fun to sing, or some that are just rhymes.  There are also plenty of books that have some as well.

5.  Check with your local library for different story times, or summer activities they might be holding.  These can be enjoyable to kids of all ages.  Sometimes different age groups have different story times.

6.  Read a book, then draw a picture or write a book report, or poem about the book.  This will help kids get thinking about what they are reading and paying attention.  Make sure it’s a book they enjoy in the first place, and this activity could be a lot of fun.

7.  Make your own word search.  There are several programs to do this if you just search the internet.  You can make them as easy or difficult as you’d like.  You could even use key words from a book that you’ve been reading.

8.  Play the computer website – it has great letter/word games, and even books to help encourage reading and learning words and learning sounds.

9. Write letters to grandparents, or other friends/relatives that don’t live close by.  This will encourage handwriting practice.  If your child isn’t writing yet, help them learn to write their name by tracing letters you write on a page.

10.  Get some shaving cream, whipped cream, or even make some pudding and put it on the table, or on a cookie sheet, and have the kids write letters or words using their fingers.  Of course you’ll want to make sure they wash their hands especially if they are “writing” in something they can eat too.  🙂

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