How to make a No Drip Waffle Cone

June 26, 2013
My husband came home from work with an awesome Tuesday Tip (although, I do realize it’s Wednesday, it’s been a crazy week, lol).  Although I try to plan my blog posts out in advance, I had to rearrange some things to fit this one in ASAP.
How to make a no drip waffle cone
Waffle cones are a favorite summer treat.  The biggest problem??  That fun little tip breaks off at the bottom, and the ice cream seems to flow from both ends as the summer sun melts it into a puddle.  Adult or child can be seen licking, then sucking, then licking then sucking to keep up with the flow.  There is a grand solution for the sucking/dripping part.  A MARSHMALLOW!  Say what?  Let me show you.

All you do to make a no drip waffle cone is take a small marshmallow, and push it down into the cone.  Then scoop your ice cream as desired.  That’s it.  It keeps the ice cream from flowing through the bottom of your cone.  Isn’t that awesome?  And so easy.  We happen to have a few small mallows that have been around a little too long, and might not be awesome for eating … a little too hard (not HARD hard … but ya know, marshmallow hard, lol).  So even less than fresh, can still work great! 
I asked my awesome FB followers their cone preference the other day.  What do you love?
Do you love the classic waffle cone?  
Do you prefer a classic cake cone?
Or do you prefer a bowl (or maybe a waffle bowl?)?


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