Emergency Car Kits

July 19, 2013
A little while back I did a 72 Hour Kit series.  It was so awesome.  If you haven’t checked it out, make sure to do that.  I am planning on doing a few more Emergency Kit add-ons to that series, and I’m excited to get the next one to you today!!  Yay!
Alright, so there are so many random things that can happen while in the car.  An emergency of so many kinds can happen.  As I searched various ideas for Car Emergency Kits, I realized that there were actually 2 kinds, and no distinction between the two when I searched.  So today, I bring you TWO types of Car Emergency Kits!  πŸ™‚
The first one is a Long Term Car Emergency Kit.  This is what you can store for longer period of time.  Those things that you’ll probably never need, but it’s good to have in your car in case you break down some where that you won’t have access to help right away. If you have a tire blow out, or another reason that you’ll be pulled off the road, or if a problem arises, then this is the kit that you’ll want in your car!
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
Here is the list I compiled.  My picture doesn’t include everything (yet).  There are a few things we weren’t able to find easily, and will probably have to go to an auto store.  Get your Free Printable with the Long Term and Everyday Kits Here.
Emergency Kit for your Car 
Long Term:
Physical Necessities: 
At least 1 gallon of water (don’t fill all the way to allow for freezing temps if needed)
PB To-Go/No-perishable items
Phone charger for car
Headache Pills
Toilet Paper Roll
Wet Wipes
First Aid Helps: 
First Aid Kit
CPR instructions
Multi functional knife
Tow straps/rope
Duct Tape
Road Side Flares/Reflecting Triangle
LED Flashlight
Car Needs: 
Things to change a tire
Jumper cables
Tow straps/rope
Road Side Flares/Reflecting Triangle
Air Compressor
Basic Tool kit
Empty Gas Can
Multi functional knife
Useful Essentials: 
Duct Tape
Fire extinguisher
Cold Gear: 
Emergency blanket
Windshield wiper scraper
Hand Warmers
Cat Litter (when stuck you can use this to get tread and help when you need to shovel your car tire out)
Random Things: 
Walking shoes
Pepper Spray/Self Defense
Zip Lock Bags (throw up)
Next you’ll get all your things and put them in a container that will fit easily in the back/trunk of your car.  Then you can just slip it there and not worry about it, unless you need it.  It’ll be great to know it’s still there if something does arise.
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
The next kit I have is an Everyday Emergency Car Kit.  This is just random things that can come up everyday that you might be needing while in the car.  Some things over lap for the long and everyday things, but I think that’s alright.  Of course, if there are other must-haves that you want, just throw them in there!  Here is the list for the Everyday Emergency Car Kit.  Again, you can get your Free Printable Here if you want to gather the supplies.
Everyday Emergency Car Kit: 
Great to Stash in your Glove Box or other hide away spot 
Wipes (small container)
2 large Ziploc bags (for trash or carsickness)
Diapers (obviously omit if your kiddos are potty trained)
Hand sanitizer 
Antibacterial wet wipes
Band aids
Paper or note cards
Safety pin
Tweezers (for playground splinters)
Hair elastic
Peanut butter crackers
Gum or mints 
Small nail clippers
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
You could easily throw all of these items into one of the ziplock bags, but what if you need that?  What if someone gets car sick and you’re having to throw everything out of it in a rush?  That’d be horrible, lol.  If you’ve got some smaller zipping bag I think that’d be ideal.
If you don’t … I’ve got your covered.  πŸ™‚  Do you see this adorable bag?  It’s the PERFECT size for these Everyday Emergency Kits!  I LOVE them.  My friend, Tiffany, let me check these bags out from Thirty-One.  I can’t even tell you how perfect it all fit, and how great this would be to just throw in the car.  In the glove box, or in the back of one of the seat pockets.
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
See!  Perfect (I promise everything is in there, the small things are just in the bottom, lol)!
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
Best part?  If you want, you can totally personalize these adorable bags.  There are so many colors and options.  Love it!!
Short & Long Term Emergency Car Kits
Here is the fun part.  Tiffany has agreed to give one of you awesome readers a Zipper Bag like the ones above (you pick the fabric you want) and she’ll get it ordered and sent to you!  Awesome right?
Since I love you all, the only thing you have to do, is check out Tiffany’s FB group (just request to join, and she’ll let you know) and let me know what fabric you’d pick for your zipper bag!!  That’s it!!!!!  No hoops to jump through, or a million things to like.  πŸ™‚  Just check out her FB page and let me know in the comments what you’d want.  Hooray!
If you find some great product you love, Tiffany has some GREAT deals going on this month.  Make sure to check out her other product (I have a few items that I totally LOVE from her.  One is the awesome wallet, love it).
This giveaway will end on at 12:00 PM, Friday, July 26th.  One winner will be chosen from Random.org and announced on Saturday.  πŸ™‚  Good luck friends!  Thanks for being awesome followers!
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