Make Dresser Drawers Slide with Ease

July 23, 2013
How to Make Dresser Drawers Slide Easily
We inherited this awesome dresser from my grandparents, several years ago.  It was pretty worn down and needed love.  We decided to paint it to match our nursery.  This all happened a couple years ago.  The drawers have never closed well for us and I finally got around to doing the suggestion my good friend, Erin, gave me.  

How to Make Dresser Drawers Slide Easily
Bar of soap
Dresser drawer that won’t close easily
All you need to do to help the dresser drawers slide with ease, is apply the soap on the top and bottom of the drawer where it is supposed to glide in and out.  Make sure to do both side.  I also removed the drawer, and applied the soap where the bottom of the drawer slides.  I just rubbed that soap right on the drawer.  
How to Make Dresser Drawers Slide Easily
Worked like a charm!  The drawer can now be shut all the way, easily, and without having to jimmy it open if it does get closed all the way.  The bottom one is the worst, and is a LOT better with the soap.  However, since it only has one working handle, it still need that to totally work, lol.  Still a work in progress. 
How to Make Dresser Drawers Slide Easily
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One thought on “Make Dresser Drawers Slide with Ease

  1. Ovis

    Great tip! I’ve been ‘stuck’ with this problem before, and my dresser was holding my pants hostage! Once I was unstuck, I used a little canola oil on a paper towel to grease things up. Soap sounds like it will last longer

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