Welcome to My new Site!

August 10, 2013

Simplistically-Sassy-OfficaI’m so excited to have my new site up and running.  I must put most of the credit on my wonderful husband who pretty much created my new theme and put all my fancy things in place and make all the links work up right and everything.  Hooray for him!  🙂

I hope you’ll have a look around.  There are some great new features.  You’ll notice my tabs just above my post, are more organized, and there are few that have drop down menus.  It is much easier to navigate around and find various options, projects, and ideas that I’ve shared.

My side bar has also changed up a bit.  There are some new ways to follow Simplistically Sassy, along with a Spotlighted blogger, and popular posts, recent posts and more.

Up at the very top are my new social icons!  I hope you’ll follow along and make sure to get updated on the blog, and enjoy hanging out on social media with me.  I love to ask questions and act like we’re all BFF (at least when I get a second away from the kids and remember to post something awesome).

I’m super excited and hope you enjoy!  I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up this week! Hooray!!

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