Scooter Stand Tutorial

August 22, 2013

Scooter Stand Tutorial

*Disclaimer: I tried really had to do this myself.  I dragged 6 kids to the hardware store … by myself, got the wood, got it cut, took too long figuring out the screws and which ones I needed.  I came home, got the kids settled, and got the drill and all it’s peices (finally …) and then started.  Just so you know, drill bits (the things that go in to drill the hole) get REALLY hot after going through wood.  Don’t touch them, you’ll get burned!!  Yep, I may or may not know from personal experience.  Then after a few minutes of trying to drill a hole the right size, a random screw fell out from INSIDE the drill.  I was at a loss, and now breaking my husbands tools.  So I let him do this project.  I did help him, but he really did it.  I tried people, I tried.  Sigh.  It’s worth it though.  🙂

We have a problem in our garage.  Okay, more than one, but today, we’re focusing on one problem we have, and you might have as well.  Here is our problem.

Scooter Stand Tutorial

Seriously, scooters in a giant pile just thrown where ever.  With school starting up, we have to get this fixed ASAP for everyone’s sake.  The solution is really easy!  A while back I found a great tutorial on Pinterest by Batchelors Ways. I’m going to give you a step-by-step on making your own Scooter Stand!  Sweet right?

First, you’ll need to figure out how many spaces you need.  We need 6 (eventually, so we decided to just do 6 now) spaces.  Each space (for our scooters) is 2.5 inches wide.  To get that measurement, we measured the under part of the scooter (which is thinner than the top).  Make sure to measure where the screws are to ensure that it’ll fit.

*2×4 boards **cut into 19 inch pieces.
-1 2×4 cut to length needed for top board
-1 1/4 inch thick and however many inches wide your stand is — it’ll be the same as your top board. This is the board for the bottom to help your 19 inch boards keep their 2.5 inch spacing.  Mine was 7 inches wide.
-2, 2.5 inch wood screws per 19 inch board (so I have 7 boards, and would need 28 wood screws)
-2, 1.5 inch wood screws per 19 inch board for the 1/4 inch board at the bottom

*To have 6 spaces, I need 7 19 inch pieces. So if you only needed 3 spaces, you’d need 4 19 inch boards. Each 2×4 can come in an 8 foot long board, so you can determine how many boards you need once you know how many 19 inch pieces you’ll need, and how long you’re front piece is as well.
** I went to my local hardware store and got my boards. They will even cut them for you!! There is a small fee usually, but it really is small, and if you don’t have a saw, or don’t know how to use your saw, it’s a great option.

Scooter Stand Tutorial

How to Assemble:
1. Take your long head board and measure and mark where you’re boards will need to go.
2. Use a drill and drill 2 holes in the long board, and also in the 19 inch boards where you’ve marked for them to meet. So each 19 inch board will have 2 screws at the top where it meets the long board.
3. Drill your screws into the holes.
4. Measure and mark the 19 inch boards all 4 inches down to ensure that your flatter 1/4 inch board is drilled on straight.
5. Drill holes at the top and bottom of the 1/4 inch board and the 19 inch boards. You’ll want a screw at the top and bottom of the 1/4 inch board to keep it in place.
6. Stand back and admire you’re amazing Scooter Stand. 🙂 Oh, and put the scooters in there to make sure it works right. 😉

In this picture you can see how crazy the 19 inch boards are without that 1/4 inch board at the bottom.
Scooter Stand Tutorial

My little kids were so excited too and insisted that their bikes be put in. Good thing they kind of fit. 😉
Scooter Stand Tutorial








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28 thoughts on “Scooter Stand Tutorial

  1. Wendi

    I LOVE THIS! My bro-in-law recently made one and I thought it was the perfect thing! You (and hubby) did an amazing job. It drives me crazy not having a place for scooters! Will def have to get my hubs to make one of these for us too;)

  2. Kari

    Love this, and the fact that you tried to do it yourself first without much luck. I feel like that happens to me constantly, thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is usually willing to step in and help out.

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      Thanks Allie! It is so simple, and so easy. Honestly, I’m hoping to do an update eventually and paint it and have hooks above it for the helmets. But I love, love, love it!! It’s crazy amazing to have it.

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      Ronda, I’m so glad you commented! Your post is great. I saw it on Pinterest. When I saw your comment I realized I didn’t link to you site or your pin (which I usually try to do when I find something great the). I’m SO sorry! I’ll make sure to correact that.

  3. Susan

    This is a brilliant solution. Wish I’d know about it when my kids were smaller and we had so many wheeled toys. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

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