3 Month Food Supply Part 2

September 3, 2013

3 Month Food Supply Part 2Alright, now that we’ve talked about shopping for your 3 month food supply, let’s talk about keeping your pantry stocked and not having to go on giant shopping trips. 

This step is actually fairly simple.  I’ve created a Free Printable that has everything listed from The Shopping List (Part 1) and you can just keep this list hung up by your pantry on a clipboard, and when you open a new cereal box, just put a little X or a tally mark by cereal.  That way next time you see cereal on sale you’ll know exactly how many boxes of cereal you’ll nee so you can rotate through and keep diabetes things up to date.  This goes with non every day things (like brown sugar, ketchup, vanilla, etc).

Free Pantry Stocking List Printable.

If you can put the list in a location that will help you make those tally marks, you will know exactly what you need and how much.  It’s so simple, but can make the greatest difference in not over spending and trying to keep up when supply is low.  You also won’t be running to the store with the rest of the city if disaster is in sight.  You can rest assured that you have the very basics your family needs.  🙂  Win win.

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