Easy Mini Pizzas

September 18, 2013

Pizza Pin copyI have three of my six kids in school.  I think we’ve finally got our morning routine down, and with a kindergartner, we have a mid-day routine when he gets home, and then after school.  It always seems to take a couple weeks to really feel settled into the routine, but it’s SO nice once it’s there.

Fall brings on various sports and other extra activities for kids and families.  My oldest is doing flag football.  He has games twice a week, one of which is (obviously) a school night.  Between that and homework, and dinner, and getting everyone bathed, and ready for bed the late afternoon/evenings just disappear!

I’m a huge advocate for family dinner though.  I know my kids are little, so their schedules are easier to work around, but it’s something that I really make a priority.  My kids are great about randomly leaving the table to go dance around in the living room, play games, or just wander for a few minutes.  So so frustrating.  Lol.  I can never please them all either.  Anyone else have that issue?

We LOVE having pizza night at our house.  I’ve tried so many homemade pizza dough recipes and they seriously all fail in my kids books.  They love the making of their own little pizzas, but when it comes down to eating them, every single ones of them has pizza left because it “tastes weird.”  Ugh!  Seriously?  It’s so annoying … especially after spending all that time making the dough, and getting them all worked up about how awesome it’ll be.

I have finally found something that ALL 8 of us love.  It’s a miracle.  I know, that’s dramatic, but it’s true people.  These easy mini pizzas, are perfect for a pizza night in the middle of the week, weekend, game day, birthday party … whenever!  They’re quick, simple, and SO GOOD!!  Here is how they work.

Grands! Mini Pizzas:  Recipe from Pillsbury Grands!
1 can Pillsbury Grands! refrigerated biscuits
Pizza sauce
Pepperoni (or other toppings for your choice)
Mozzarella cheese

Grab some Pillsbury Grands! biscuits of your choice, cheese, pizza sauce, and toppings you and your family like.
Mini Pizzas

The Pillsbury Grands! come with 8 biscuits in them. Eight mini pizzas all ready for you to make. Grab one of the biscuits, and start flattening and stretching. Obviously be careful so you don’t tear it. We ended up with lots of shapes and sizes since the kids did their own. 🙂
Mini Pizzas


Grab your favorite sauce and put it right on there.


Add your cheese and your toppings. As a side note, I have pepperoni in my picture above … when I actually went to open it up, it was totally not good any more (it’d been in the freezer). See, we really try to make homemade pizza, and we don’t do it often enough because the kids really don’t like them. We might have had some tears shed over this pepperoni gone bad. Now we can buy it — because the kids LOVE these.


Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes, and you’re good to go.


We will be making these again for sure!  We really all did love these easy mini pizzas.  Pillsbury Grands! has an entire recipe book that you can check out for great, easy, back to school ideas.  It’s such a great alternative on those busy nights when you’ve had a jam packed day, and are going to have a jam packed night.  The other great thing?  It’s FREE!

What recipe are you most excited to try?

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  1. Tia

    Yum! That does sound good. My mind is churning now with bbq Chicken Pizza, Tomato & Basil pizza, ham & pineapple pizza. I’m going to have to try this!

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