72 Hour Kits

September 26, 2013

72 Hour KitsSeveral months ago I put together a 72 Hour Kit Series.  It was so so much fun.  If you haven’t checked it out, you can click here to see all four parts in the series.

We update our 72 Hour Kits every 6 months.  The reason?  We put real food in our 72 hour kits, and it’ll go bad if we keep forgetting.  Replenishing the food every 6 months is awesome because then we can continue to teach our kids about the importance of our 72 hour kits, and we can switch out the food and have some super great fun snacks for lunches when the kids take one to school.  It also gets the kids used to that food (some of it we don’t always eat on the regular basis), so if there is an emergency and we need to use our 72 hour kits, the kids aren’t afraid of the food they’ll find inside of it.  🙂  It’s a win, win for everyone involved!

I also just want to say that this is a process of getting things together.  I really hope that everyone can take the time to look at this series, and make a plan to create 72 hour kits for your own families.  It can be expensive when you first do it, but you can do it gradually and pick one part of the series to work towards, and slowly gather it all together it’s awesome to have around.  We haven’t ever had to use ours, but I’m so grateful that if we do, we can grab them and go and we will have the essential items to survive in various circumstances.

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6 thoughts on “72 Hour Kits

  1. Alison at NOVA Frugal Family

    I tried to do it and then just made a mess of everything. We keep the pantry and the freezer stocked in the basement so I think that if we had to retreat to the basement, we would be fine. If we had to leave the house….we might be in trouble! I am going to look at your lists and see if I can move forward on getting this done!! Thanks for the idea about changing things out every 6 months because it certainly seemed like something that I would do and then forget about but that would be super gross if we needed it in an emergency.
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    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      Keeping things stocked is so so important too. Having the backpacks and knowing you can grab and go if needed is an awesome feeling too. Just start out slow, and do what you can. That’s why I broke it up, because it really can be SO much to do if you think of it as a whole, but breaking it up into stages is so do-able.

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