Bell Spiders and Paper Pumpkins

September 30, 2013

Pintrest Spider
I am so excited to share TWO craft tutorials with you today.

Today I have tutorials for Bell Spiders and Paper Pumpkins.  These are so inexpensive to make, and so easy, AND tons o fun!  The kids will love spending time with you and helping out.










First we’ll work on the pumpkin tutorial.  These are so easy and make a cute little pumpkin patch if you make enough.
Paper Pumpkin Bell Spider

Orange construction paper or card stock (toilet paper roll could be used too)
Green construction paper or card stock
Paper Pumpkin

First you’ll want to make a tube for the center of your pumpkin.  This is great because it can vary in size.  You could cut your paper in half either way, and roll it up, and staple it.  You’ll want to make sure it’s wide enough to fit the strips of paper though. This is where you could also use your toilet paper roll and cover it with the orange paper if you’d like to do that.
Paper Pumpkin

Here is how big mine was.  
Paper Pumpkin

Cut your strips about 3/4 inch – 1 inch wide.  I did wider for one of the pumpkins, and we didn’t get as many strips of paper in it.  You can play around with it though and see what you like.  Put a piece of tape at the top end of all your strips.
Paper Pumpkin

Stick them all in one end of your tube.  It totally looks like a squid doesn’t it?  Lol. 
Paper Pumpkin

Then you’ll put tape on the other end of the strips, and bring it to the opposite side of the tube.  It reminds me a sword in this picture, lol.  You’ll do that with all of your strips though.
Paper Pumpkin

You’ll want to cut a really, really thin strip of green paper.  Then you’ll take a pencil, and wrap the green strip around the paper.  Then let it fall off the pencil, and you’ll have a little curly piece of paper to go on the top of your pumpkin.
Paper Pumpkin

Cut out some leaves, and just tape the leaf, and curly into the tube of the pumpkin, and you’re done!  I love it!  You can easily make a little pumpkin patch to decorate with.
IMG_7243 copy (1)



Alright, lets move onto the spiders.  Oh how I LOVE these little guys!  Seriously, my new favorite decoration that I have.  So so easy too.
Bell Spider

Big bells (when I went to the craft store there were TONS of Christmas things out and I was irritated because it wasn’t even close to Christmas … but it ended well, because I got these big bells to make these adorable spiders.  It’s all about cross holidaying, lol).
Pipe Cleaner (I loved the puffy ones, they’re perfect for spider legs)
Googly eyes
Black paint

Bell Spider

To get started you’ll take 4 pipe cleaners, and you’ll take 2 in each hand, cross them in the middle, then twist them together, so they look like the image below.
Bell Spider

You’ll need to pain your bell black, and let that dry.  It doesn’t take too long to dry.  I only needed one coat as well, it covered really easily.  With the pipe cleaners, bend them in the middle right where you twisted them together.
Bell Spider

Once the bell is dry, you’ll take the middle of the pipe cleaners and put them into the middle of the bell hole (at the bottom).  Then you’ll spread them out into the side holes of the bell.
Bell Spider


Then you’ll just bend them at the top.  With the fluffy pipe cleaner, I just bent them between the fluffy parts.  Then just bend them out at the bottom to make them little feet.  

If you want, you can at ribbon or twine and hang them.  These would be ADORABLE hung with orange ribbon on the door.  My door is black though … so that wouldn’t work for me.  Or, you leave them without ties, and put them on a mantle (like the picture at the top of the tutorial).  Love them! 
Bell Spider



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    Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe a quick trip through your blog has me busy for weeks. I think that I might use more toilet paper rolls to make the pumpkin but only if I can find some orange paint in the basement!! Those bells are super cute and I would love to have them around the house….I might have to save some of these ideas for next year or I won’t get them all done!!
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