Marshmallow Ghosts

October 2, 2013

My (almost) 4 year old is in love with marshmallows right now.  We had a few extra from a baby shower I recently hosted, and I was trying to think of a fun treat to make with them (read that as: to get rid of them ASAP and get them out of the house).  It just dawned on me how fun it’d be to just grab some mini chocolate chips and make little marshmallow ghosts.

I decided to just grab my phone and do these photos, and share on Instagram!  If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you should!!  You can click up above, or just search for @karasimpsass.  It’s a fun behind the scenes look into the life of a mom with 6 little kids!
Marshmallow Ghosts


What you’ll need:
Large Marshmallows
Mini Chocolate chips
Marshmallow Ghosts


First you’ll want to take the toothpick, and poke two holes in each of the marshmallows.
Marshmallow Ghosts

Once you’ve done that, you just take a couple mini chips, and stick them in the holes.  You kind of need to push them in there so they stay, but it’ll work.  🙂

Ta da!  Easy, cute little marshmallow ghost for a party, or just to make with the kids.  🙂
Marshmallow Ghosts

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