Toilet Paper Roll Bats and Ghosts

October 3, 2013

Toilet Paper Bats & GhostsI am super excited to be teaming up with some other awesome bloggers to bring you some great Halloween crafts, treats, and costume ideas!!

I was saving toilet paper rolls for months.  Literally people, months!  I had no idea what I was going to do with them.  Then one day, it just dawned on me.  They were calling me from the bag.  They wanted to be Toilet Paper Roll Bats and Ghosts!  I knew I had to do it.

It’s so easy and my kids LOVED it!  I just grabbed some random craft supplies for decorating them that I had on hand, and let the kids enjoy them.

They were flying lonely, and I had to add the tree!  I’ll have my quick tree tip on the blog tomorrow, so make sure to check back.


Toilet Paper Rolls
Black cardstock or construction paper
Googly eyes
String (to hang them once you’re done)
Craft supplies for decorating
White Tissue Paper
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts



Let’s start with the bats!

First you’ll want to paint your toilet paper roll black.  Let that dry while you make the wings.
Fold your black paper in half so it’s thin and long.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Next, you’ll need to draw some bat wings.  I just kind of winged it (ha ha ha, don’t laugh too hard), and think they turned out well.  I was able to draw two on each paper.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Then you cut it out, and obviously you just cut where you drew the wings, and not down the middle where it’s folded.  🙂  Then your wings will look the same on each side.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Once your tube is dry, you just put some glue along the fold of the wings, and stick the tube right on there.  Let that dry for a few minutes, and then you’re ready to decorate it however you’d like!
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts


These are fun.  Just grab your toilet paper roll, and pain it white.  I had to do two coats of white to really get it to not show the cardboard through.  Let that dry while you work on getting the tissue paper ready.
I left my tissue paper so it was folded in half.  Then I cut a stripe a couple inches wide (this is totally however you’d like to do it).
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Then I cut the strips in half.  So I had 4 strips of tissue.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Next I just stuffed the tissue into the toilet paper roll.  I left the bottom long, and the top short.  Then you could use glue dots, or tape, or glue, whatever, and just tape each of the tissue papers into place.  I didn’t have issues with them staying put.  If you glue, remember to let it dry though.  I stuffed the top down a little bit once it was done.  My kids did all sorts of funny things.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

You can draw a mouth on.  Some of the kids used a pom pom for a mouth.  Even on the bats we drew fangs with paint.  Lol.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Pom Pom bat mouth, and a ghost with really really long hair, lol.  It almost  looks scared don’t you think?  🙂  Love the different ways kids create things.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

I used some elastic stuff I’d used for necklaces back here, to hang them up.  I just taped them to the ceiling.  Easy.  🙂
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Our little haunted forest!  🙂  We love it.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts


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