Halloween Tree

October 4, 2013

Toilet Paper Bats & GhostsAfter making some toilet paper bats and ghosts, and getting them all hung out, they seemed so out of place for DAYS.  I just wasn’t sure I loved them.  Then I was just passing by and thought, they need a forest to be in.  I need to make a Halloween tree.  Say what?  Lol.

I’m all about easy crafts around here, that can be fun and kid friendly.  All I had in the house was some tape, scissors, and black card stock.  So I went for it.

Black card stock/construction paper



All you’ll need to do it start cutting.  I started with the base of the Halloween tree, and made that almost as wide as the paper (the 8 inch part of the paper).  Then I lined it up a bit with my next anti fungal cut, and eventually made it smaller as I went.

For the branches, I turned my paper, so I was cutting them 8 inches long.  I used 2-3 of those stripes to make one of the longer branches.  Then for the short little ones, I just used 4 inch pieces (so I cut 8 inch pieces in half).  I just squiggled the cuts I made, and made a few sharp edges or whatever.  Just be creative.  I gathered them and just started taping.  I think I may try to laminate it somehow, so that I can keep it for another year.  We all love it.  At night this Halloween Tree looks awesome and creepy with only a nightlight in the entry way.
Toilet Paper Bats, Ghosts and Halloween Tree

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