Organize with toilet paper rolls

October 8, 2013

Our Tuesday Tip today is about a quick way to Organize with Toilet Paper Rolls!  Yep, that’s right.  Do you ever have the issue of storing things with cords in small spaces and they’re all over the place?!?  I’ve got the EASIEST solution for you!  Are you ready for this Tuesday Tip?

Organize with TP rolls

Use a Toilet Paper roll!  Apparently that’s the theme on SS lately, lol.  We’re all about organizing with toilet paper rolls for crafting with them too.  🙂  Of course if you wanted to be fancy then you could decorate your TP roll before using it to organize/control cords.  Or just be boring like me, and use it for a quick awesome fix.

What’s your favorite use for empty TP rolls?

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