Trick or treat bags

October 15, 2013

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat BagOne of my favorite memories was going out with my brothers trick-or-treating with out pillow cases.  When we got home, we’d dump them out on the living room floor and check out the goods.  It was a blast.  My kids have always just used those plastic treat buckets that are found at every store for super cheap.  This year though, I wanted to make something adorable, easy, and functional the entire month of October.

I decided to make a Halloween Pillowcase that can be converted into an easy carry pillowcase trick or treat bags!  They turned out so great, I love it!  They’re so easy too!  Even if you don’t sew much, these are just a few straight (ish) lines.



How to make Easy Sew Trick or Treat bags and pillowcases

Materials Needed:
7/8 yard of main fabric
1/4 of a yard of secondary fabric
Coordinating thread
Coordinating Ribbion

1. First, keep your main fabric folded in half and you’ll cut it to be 44 x 27.
2. Cut your secondary fabric to be 6 x 44
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

3. Then you’ll take your secondary fabric, and on one of the long edges you’ll either serge it, or if you don’t have a serger, fold over the edge slightly, and then fold it over again (so the raw edge is tucked under.  You’ll want to pin that down and use your zig-zag stitch to sew that down.
4.  Once that edge is nice and clean, you’ll want to fold it down 1 inch.  This is going to be the casing for the ribbion to be the handle for the bag.  Sew that along the clean edge.
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

5.  Next, you’ll take your main fabric and secondary fabric and you’ll want to sew them together along the 44 inch side (and the raw edge of the secondary, not the casing side).  If you aren’t going to serge them, again, use the zig-zag stitch.
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

6.  If you’d like the do the letter, you can add that here.  I just free handed my letters, then folded the fabric for the pillow case in half, so I could see the size, and location I wanted the letter.  Then I pinned the letter on.  I then just used a zig-zag stitch on my machine to secure the letter in place.

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

7.  Finally, you’ll want to put right sides together, and start at the bottom corner and serge or zig-zag stitch along the bottom edge of the of the pillowcase, then up the long side.  STOP sewing as you get the casing part.  You’ll want to make sure to back stitch on this part so that the thread is secure as you pull on your ribbon to open and close it.

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

8.  When you’re ready to put the ribbon in, use a safety pin, and pin it to one end of the ribbon, and feed it through the casing.  Tie a knot to make sure you don’t lose either end, and then you can just pull it tight.

Pillowcase Trick or Treat bag

**Make sure to be careful with sleeping with the ribbon in, you don’t want it to be a hazard for your kids.  🙂



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