Planes Party Games & Play date

October 21, 2013

Planes Party Games

The other day, the kids and I put together some Planes party games, and then they each got to invite a friend over for a Planes Play date!  It was so so so fun!  I loved having a fun time, that was stress-free from the actual party part, lol. I made some simple invitations so their friends could remember the date/time/etc.

Planes Party Games Invitations Planes Party Games Invitations

 We did a few different activities that were about 15 minutes each.  The official Planes play date was about an hour long.  However, some of the kids stayed a bit longer (since it was neighborhood friends and they are the kids every day friends).

We started out with all the kids coloring a Planes picture.  You can just do a search for Planes coloring pages, and there are pages and pages that will come up.  It was simple, but even the older kids were excited about it, and I honestly wasn’t sure how they were going to feel about it.

Planes Party Games & Play date coloring

After that I let the kids each pick a color of construction paper.  I had looked up a fun airplane to make earlier in the day, and I taught the kids how to make an airplane.

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Some of them were too little to do it alone, but we just went slowly and helped everyone along.  Once they were done making them, we made sure everyone’s names were on the wing before they ever took flight.  🙂

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Next it was racing time!  We had two different starting spots, depending on the age of the kids, and then I put some pharmacy lines down the hallway for them to see how far they could get them.  They all loved it so much!  Then I just let the kids have at it with racing their planes.  They took them out in the backyard too, and just flew them everywhere, it was great.

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes


After a little while, we gathered the pilots back inside, and they got to decorate sugar cookies.  I had a blast making these with my younger kids, while the other ones were at school.  I also make Jell-o Jigglers that were blue, and use a cookie cutter to make “clouds” for the planes to fly in.

Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

We helped the kids with the frosting (I did a glaze), and they got to swirl  colors together which was super fun.

Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

I love this picture of my little (almost) 4 year old.  He figured out to take the toothpick, and “fly” his plane.  He was so proud of himself.  🙂
Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

Once they were done with their cookies, they were off to fly their planes again.  I was amazed how long that entertained all the kids.  Best Planes party games!  Seriously, girls and boys alike were totally take by flying, making, and racing of the planes.

Planes Party games Giveaway

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Planes Party games Giveaway

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  1. Kathy

    I’d love to win this for my kids. We were not able to see the movie but I know they’d love it. Thanks for the chance.

  2. naomi barton

    i want to win this because my son is obsessed with planes and he would absolutely love this!!

  3. Ashley Barnett

    My little three year old son would LOVE this for Christmas!! Thank you so much for this chance!

  4. Carrie Demas

    What a cute idea for a playdate!!! LOVE the paper airplane invites….so simple, but so fitting! Thanks for sharing! ~ Carrie Demas

  5. Carrie Demas

    I’d LOVE to win this RC plane for my son! He loves the movie and would loves to have this….it would make a wonderful Christmas present! ~ Carrie Demas

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