DIY Frosting Bag – made easier!

October 29, 2013

Bag Frosting & Batters

I’m so excited to share this frosting bag tip with you today for Tuesday Tips. I think we’ve all read enough food blogs to know tricks like putting your frosting in a bag, cutting the corner, and going on our way. Have you ever been trying to scoop the frosting into the bag and it’s this crazy mess (I always feel like food bloggers make it look/sound so easy and clean, lol)? Hopefully that’s not just me, lol.

Depending on how much you’re doing the bag size will vary.  I love these twist tie bags.  It acts more like a frosting bag that you’d buy from the store.  Bag Frosting & Batters 2

All you need to do to lessen the frosting bag mess, is grab your bag, and a cup of some sort (it could be a child size cup, or a liquid cup measure, or anything that will allow you to nicely and easily fit your bag inside, and folding over the edges.  Bag Frosting & Batters 1

Then you’ll just need to scoop your frosting into the bag.  I was actually using this method to scoop donut batter, so I could easily fill my donut pan.  It was great.
Bag frosting & Betters

Then you can easily pick the bag up, snip a hole in the corner and be on your way frosting, or putting batter in a pan.
Bag Frosting & Batters 3

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