Keep Crayons from Rolling

November 5, 2013

It seems every time the crayons come out at our house, there is and issue of how to keep the crayons from rolling off the table, onto the floor, where the baby will for sure be finding them and then eating them.  We also have an issue with kids wanting to SEE every color, so they have to dump them out (then fight over the colors) then of course we can’t keep crayons from rolling off the table.

Keep crayons from rolling

Well, a little while back we had our Planes Play date, and we started off with the kids coloring a picture.  With 10 kids anticonvulsant over at the house, I needed something quick and easy I could just put in the middle of the table where everyone could SEE the colors, and grab them EASILY.  The first thing I thought of was a cookie sheet.  It was perfect!

Keep Crayons from rolling

Easy solution to keep crayons from rolling away while coloring — just grab a cookie sheet (or anything that has a small edge on it) and dump the crayons in.  Little eyes can still see the colors, and reach over the lip on the pan easily.  It’s a win win!!

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